I’m over 40 – my favorite anti-aging method won’t cost you a penny, ‘cheek whipping’ is my signature

Anti-Aging Medicine
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Anti-Aging Medicine
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AVOIDING the signs of aging doesn’t have to be expensive as proven by one youthful-looking woman.

An age-defying beauty in her 40s revealed that she focuses on massages to keep her skin wrinkle-free.

An age-defying woman has revealed how she maintains her youthful look


An age-defying woman has revealed how she maintains her youthful lookCredit: TikTok/skincaresolution786
The woman applied an oil to her face while massaging her skin


The woman applied an oil to her face while massaging her skinCredit: TikTok/skincaresolution

She took to TikTok posting under the handle @skincaresolution786 to explain how to do face yoga.

She said: “Face yoga and massage, if you’re over 40 do this every day.

“Take some face oil into your hands and start massaging your forehead in an upward direction about 20 times.”

She put two of her fingers together and swept them upward on her forehead with light pressure as she demonstrated.

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She continued: “Once you’ve done this take your finger pads and do a tapping circular motion around your eyes for six circles.”

The ageless woman then placed her hand on the side of her face with her fingers pointing upward and her thumb touching her jaw.

She described the area of skin from the lips to the ear as zone one and the skin under the eye as zone two. 

She used two fingers on her opposite hand to tap the skin in a sweeping upward motion.

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“Lift your facial muscles in a cheek-whipping motion to the count of 20,” she said.

“Neck aging is inevitable as we grow older and the skin starts to sag.

“Do jaw tapping, then inverting our tongue, touching the palette, and looking up for a count of 20. 

“This will ensure that the neck is tightened and stretched out completely.”

She then explained the importance of controlled breathing for relaxation as she took a deep breath in and held her head back. 

She said: “Last but not least breath work.

“As we age we need to relax, we need to control our cortisol – the stress hormone.

“We lift ourselves like this inhale and exhale.”

She captioned the post with hashtags #beautyhacks, #skincare, and #beautytips.

The post racked up over 14,000 likes and a flood of comments from people who were grateful for the advice.

One person said: “You are so beautiful and thanks for the massage tips.”

Another wrote: “Nice, thank you for sharing.”

A third commented: “I’m 56 now and started face massage, face yoga, and Gua Sha on my face as well. It seems to be helping a lot.”

Another added: “You are beautiful like a film star.”

The woman used one hand to support her face as the other did a cheek-whipping motion


The woman used one hand to support her face as the other did a cheek-whipping motionCredit: TikTok/skincaresolution786

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