Study results show 25% of pregnant people are not getting enough omega-3 fatty acids

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Results from a new nationwide cohort study show that, despite strong recommendations in favor of consuming omega-3 fatty acids for optimal pregnancy outcomes and offspring health, 25% of participants reported rarely or never eating fish during pregnancy, with fewer taking omega-3 supplements. The study, “Demographic and health characteristics associated with fish […]

Professor studies link between adversity, psychiatric and cognitive decline

Credit: Pixabay/CC0 Public Domain Saint Louis University associate professor of health management and policy in the College for Public Health and Social Justice, SangNam Ahn, Ph.D., recently published a paper in Journal of Clinical Psychology that examines the relationship between childhood adversity, and psychiatric decline as well as adult adversity and psychiatric and cognitive decline. […]

Schizophrenia linked to increased risk for subsequent CVD events

Schizophrenia is associated with an increased risk of subsequent cardiovascular disease (CVD) events, with the association stronger in women, according to a study published online Feb. 27 in the Journal of the American Heart Association. Jin Komuro, M.D., from the University of Tokyo, and colleagues conducted a retrospective analysis of 4,124,508 individuals aged 18 to […]

Staffing shortages at nursing homes continue: Report

Although the pandemic has ended, staffing shortages and employee burnout still plague U.S. nursing homes, a new government report finds. But the problems didn’t end there: The report, issued Thursday by the Inspector General’s Office at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, showed that infection-control procedures were still sorely lacking at many facilities. […]

A mental process that leads to putting off an unpleasant task

Credit: Unsplash/CC0 Public Domain Putting off a burdensome task may seem like a universal trait, but new research suggests that people whose negative attitudes tend to dictate their behavior in a range of situations are more likely to delay tackling the task at hand. The psychological term to describe this mental process is called valence […]

The surprisingly complex inner workings of an endocrine tumor

Single-nucleus RNA sequencing of 2 nonfunctional adenomas and 3 aldosterone-producing adenomas revealed 13 clusters (Upper). Pseudotime course analysis predicted the transition of two cell fates in APAs (Lower). Credit: Department of Molecular Endocrinology and Metabolism,TMDU There is strength in teamwork, and it turns out that this applies to tumors, too. Researchers from Japan have reported […]

Early vocabulary size is genetically linked to ADHD, literacy, and cognition

Genetic correlations of vocabulary size with cognition-, development-, and health-related outcomes. Genetic correlations were estimated with HDL (62Ning Z. Pawitan Y. Shen X. High-definition likelihood inference of genetic correlations across human complex traits.Nat Genet. 2020; 52: 859-864CrossrefPubMedScopus (59)Google Scholar) software. Error bars represent standard errors. ∗p < .05, ∗∗multiple-testing adjusted p < 5.57 × 10−3. ADHD, […]

Pediatricians feel less prepared to care for teens’ opioid use disorder

Primary care pediatricians feel less prepared to manage adolescents’ opioid use disorder (OUD) compared with other substances, according to a research letter published online in JAMA Pediatrics. Scott E. Hadland, M.D., from Mass General for Children in Boston, and colleagues used data from 474 primary care pediatricians participating in the 2021 American Academy of Pediatrics […]

Making sense of Mendelian randomization

Trains leaving from departure station 1 (variant in CRP gene region) pass first through C reactive protein, whereas trains leaving from departure station 2 (variant in IL6R gene region) pass first through interleukin-6 receptor and then branch out either to C reactive protein or directly to the outcome. As variants in the CRP gene region […]

New antibodies target ‘dark side’ of influenza virus protein

A tetramer of the influenza neuraminidase protein (shown in blue and light blue) bound by variable domains of two new human antibodies (shown purple/pink and brown/beige) targeting its “dark side.” Viewed along with 4-fold axis of NA tetramer with its catalytic sites facing up. Credit: NIAID Researchers at the National Institutes of Health have identified […]