The benefits of gold skin care products, according to dermatologists

When you think of gold, you most likely think of luxury jewelry, Olympic medals, or precious bars stored deep within bank vaults. But in recent years, you might have noticed that beauty brands have been using this versatile metal in their products, from under-eye masks to serums. And not to mention, some gold-infused products have […]

Mediterranean Lifestyle Linked To Lower Risk Of Death

A growing body of evidence shows that a Mediterranean-style diet can help people to lose weight, but it appears that the Mediterranean has more than just a diet; it also has a lifestyle that research published in Mayo Clinic Proceedings suggests can help to significantly lower the risk of death from all causes. This lifestyle […]

10 simple tips to help you reach 100, according to experts

Want to achieve centenarian status? It’s not as lofty a goal as it seems. In 2021, more than 89,000 people over the age of 100 resided in the US — nearly doubling in two decades. Past research has shown that genetics and immune system function plays a role in life expectancy, but experts agree that a […]

Anti Aging Household Beauty Instrument Market [2023-2030] Size Including Segments Business revenue Insight

“Anti Aging Household Beauty Instrument Market” Size, Share, Growth Report 2023-2030 | | No. of pages: 127 Report which offers an in-depth analysis Grounded on Applications (Facial Care, Body Care, Hair Care, Others), and Types (Radio Frequency Anti Aging Household Beauty Instrument, Micro Current Anti Aging Household Beauty Instrument, Ions Anti Aging Household Beauty Instrument, […]

A doTERRA rep claimed we don’t need glasses to fix our vision. The internet erupted.

A wellness influencer who declared on Instagram that glasses are not necessary to correct vision is being investigated by doTERRA for making claims about vision in connection with the Utah company’s products. Samantha Lotus, who on her website calls herself a Canadian wellness influencer and “holistic master coach,” posted a video last week on her […]

2023 Anti-aging Supplements Market Insights | Trends and Projections by 2029 has added an exhaustive research study of Anti-aging Supplements Market discourses numerous driving factors or restraining the market which will help the future market to raise with a large CAGR. The report details new business opportunities and existing marketing strategies through insights regarding SWOT analysis, market valuation, competitive spectrum, regional share, and revenue predictions. […]

Anti-Aging Products Market | New Insight Report Hit Highest Growth Rate by 2030

Global Anti-Aging Products Market research report presents facts and figures encompassing manufacturers, types such as [Anti-Aging Skin Care Products, Anti-Aging Hair Care Products] applications [Men, Women] and regions. The report offers a comprehensive market overview, competitive landscape, featuring business profiles, new investment strategies, project usability analysis, SWOT assessment, CAGR status, and diverse organizational perspectives. This […]

Anti-Aging Cream Manufacturing Plant Project Report, Raw Materials Requirements, Manufacturing Process and Project Economics

Anti-Aging Cream Manufacturing Plant Project Report 2023: IMARC Group’s report titled “Anti-Aging Cream Manufacturing Plant Project Report 2023: Industry Trends, Plant Setup, Machinery, Raw Materials, Investment Opportunities, Cost and Revenue” provides a comprehensive guide for establishing a anti-aging cream manufacturing plant cost. The report covers various aspects, ranging from a broad market overview to intricate […]