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InMode is reshaping aesthetic medicine to meet patient needs that are more than skin deep


To be empowered is to have the ability to reach our goals in work and life, whatever they may be. To be empowered is to be understood, supported, respected, and celebrated as an individual. For medical aesthetics technology innovator InMode (NASDAQ: INMD), empowering women’s health is their North Star, and the engine for their global success.

InMode develops, manufactures, and markets devices that harness novel radiofrequency (RF) technology. The Israeli company strives to enable new surgical procedures and to improve existing treatments. Their minimally invasive RF technologies offer a comprehensive line of products for plastic surgery, gynecology, dermatology, and ophthalmology.

Co-founded in 2008 by Moshe Mizrahy and Dr. Michael Kreindel, the organization has a demonstrated history of continued growth. Today, InMode boasts 22 technological innovations, seven of which are patented, and 10 platforms. They have an installed base of 9,200 systems in the U.S. for a total base of 22,000 in 92 countries. Their technologies have been featured in more than 97 academic, industry, and mainstream publications, and their global regulatory approvals are supported by extensive peer-reviewed clinical data.


InMode recognizes the urgent need to address women’s health concerns historically shrouded in taboo and often exacerbated by societal silence. As women have embraced the freedom to speak openly about issues such as vaginal dryness and urinary incontinence, RF technology gives them risk-free treatment options for their symptoms with minimal downtime.

InMode has developed RF-based devices that are changing the practice of aesthetic medicine. Responding to the growing aversion to cosmetic fillers because the results may seem unnatural, they invented Morpheus8, a groundbreaking solution that encourages the natural process of collagen creation, fostering a more authentic and appealing result.

InMode’s advancements have led to a new market category: minimally invasive and subdermal ablative aesthetic surgery. The success of these technologies inspired InMode to extend its fundamentals of facial and body reshaping to the non-invasive market, developing and commercializing the industry’s first head-to-toe FDA cleared hands-free remodeling devices: Define and Evolve.

More and more, men are having aesthetic procedures, and to meet those needs InMode has developed hands-free devices for muscle stimulation. The gender-neutral technology allows anyone to achieve body contouring goals without the time-intensive commitment of traditional gym workouts.


The introduction of these platforms created another new category within the market, hands-free aesthetic procedures. With the launch of the EmpowerRF Women’s Wellness platform, InMode further expanded its footprint into urology and gynecology, bringing life-changing therapies to women everywhere.

InMode’s radio frequency assisted lipo-coagulation (RFAL) technology makes it possible for aestheticians and cosmetic surgeons to provide superior body contouring results that previously could only be achieved through more extensive surgical procedures. Traditionally, these interventions took a good deal of time and discomfort to heal, a significant barrier to patients without the time or resources for extensive recovery.

InMode is as much about their people as they are about their technology. “We have a unique culture,” said Nava Tal-Launer, the company’s Chief Information Officer. “Our founders have extensive experience from previous ventures; it’s not their first company.”


Co-founder, CEO, and board chairman Moshe Mizrahy is the former co-founder of another aesthetics tech firm, Syneron Medical. Co-founder and board director Dr. Michael Kreindel is a former Syneron exec with a Ph.D. in physics and mathematics and an engineer and physicist specializing in experimental and theoretical nuclear physics. “Michael is very involved in R&D and in creating products, and Moshe is very involved with the rest of the firm,” she described them as exceptionally down-to-earth leaders who prefer to roll up their sleeves and work in jeans rather than walk around in suits. “You wouldn’t expect the CEO to be so approachable and involved in the day-to-day operations. The spirit they both bring to InMode is key to our success.”

Nava Tal-Launer

Nava Tal-Launer

Tal-Launer is a powerhouse in her own right. She holds an MBA in IT Management from Tel Aviv University and a BSc in Applied Mathematics from the Israel Institute of Technology. A business analyst with over 20 years of expertise in IT, she specializes in managing information systems and the teams that implement them. She and her team planned and created InMode’s entire IT system. This included hardware, software, cyber security support, and information systems for the corporation and its growing number of international subsidiaries, which currently stands at eight.

Before joining InMode full-time, she’d been a contractor working on their ERP system and implementation. “InMode was very small, but then it started growing, and there was a need for a more structured approach to IT. Moshe asked me if I wanted to take the role of InMode’s CIO,” she recalled.

“I don’t think he fully understood at that point what the project scope would be for a global enterprise. I don’t think I understood what it meant, either.” Already aligned with the company’s culture, she leveraged her strong, empowering leadership ethos, built a team, and created a robust, future-ready IT organization. She emphasized the company’s flexibility as a key strength. “We are extremely agile. We respond quickly to events around us – which is not typical in big organizations.”

The company added subsidiaries in Germany and Japan last year, and Tal-Launer and her team had to spring into action to set up their IT infrastructure and systems. “They hadn’t planned an IT build-out, so my team and I had to design and execute the new systems quickly,” she said.

The new offices join existing operations in the U.S., Canada, Spain, France, Italy, the UK, India, and Australia. In addition, the company has a robust worldwide distribution network. Process simplicity is essential.

“The proverbial saying goes, ‘If it won’t be simple, it simply won’t be.’ Sometimes, when you grow, you must change processes. You cannot make these decisions from just a technical perspective. For example, I buy software that is no more complicated than necessary to support our business needs and processes,” she said.


Tal-Launer’s leadership strategies seem to be simple but only sound that way. She’s a fierce believer in a management style of empowerment and accountability that starts with the boss and ends with the boss.

“There is a saying in Hebrew that everything comes from the head,” she explained. “I really believe that the manager must embody the desired team spirit and total accountability. If something goes wrong, it’s the manager’s failure. It’s their failure because they either recruited the wrong people or failed to manage them properly.”

There’s a striking element of transparency in the way she hires that offers more clues about the company’s collective spirit. When screening new team members, she also asks her crew to interview them. “It’s essential to me that a person will join us and fit like a Lego piece into our team. We are a small, cohesive team. We are basically friends, and if the new employee doesn’t fit in socially, the team’s performance will be negatively impacted.”

She recalled what one of her colleagues revealed after joining her team. “You wanted to ensure that I knew what I was in for; you talked more than me in my interview.” That’s even more proof that empowerment is the soul of InMode and the secret of their unmatched success.

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