The best travel beauty kits to shop before your next trip

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This is a slightly traumatic memory to relive, but regale it I shall for last-minute packers everywhere. I was headed to the airport for a work trip and realised I hadn’t packed any perfume, so I slung my beloved Coromandel Les Exclusifs De Chanel fragrance into my handbag. It looked around 100ml I thought (very wrong), and even if it weren’t, surely they’d let me through with it anyway; it’s just perfume, right? (wrong again.) Cut to several hours later at the airport security gates and as my colleagues watched in horror when a security guard held up my Chanel, shook his head and said, “This is DOUBLE the amount you’re allowed. It’s a no.”

I know this was a real rookie error; the 100ml rule has been in place since 2006, but my stomach lurched at the thought of losing the scent I’d been given for my birthday just a few weeks before. I started welling up a bit, but thankfully a sense of humanity intervened and I was excused with my Chanel – and a stern warning. It was a lesson I heeded, and since then, I’ve always double-checked before I’ve packed a beloved product.

Chances are, you’ve been there too – we all have. So to take the hassle out of last-minute trips, size checking and decanting, these are my favourite beauty travel kits that you can simply grab before you fly. Even when the 100ml rule is eventually scrapped, these are still super useful for all your travel adventures as a space saver and a chance to try new products without committing to the full-size ones.

However, wasted travel minis are an environmental issue. If you have any you don’t like or know you won’t use; you can donate used and unused products to those who need them via the Toiletries Amnesty.

The best skincare travel kits

Sunday Riley Go To Bed With Me Complete Evening Routine

Sunday Riley’s well-deserved cult following comes from her science-backed products and fast-acting botanicals. The Ceramic Clip Cleanser is ideal for dissolving pollution and soothing skin, while the retinoid serum, eye cream, and sleep oil ensure your skin looks refreshed upon waking (even if a child has kicked the back of your seat for the entire journey.) It’s the ultimate night-time routine in a handy box.

NaturaBisse Diamond Age Defying Experience Kit

If you want skincare that really delivers, meet Spanish brand Natura Biseé. This rich skincare kit is perfect for anyone with dry or mature skin or perhaps headed to the cooler climes and pistes. It houses seven of their skincare best-sellers, including the Diamond Extreme Cream and Eye Cream – plus, for a limited time, 100% of the proceeds benefit The Ricardo Fisas Natura Bissé Foundation, which offers education for aestheticians and skincare guidance for people undergoing oncology treatments.

Aesop Arrival Kit

You know when you arrive at your hotel looking like you’ve been through it, with a slightly haunted look in your eyes? This grab-and-go kit from Aesop can fix that. It contains a useful shampoo and conditioner, but the body cleanser with uplifting geranium and body balm infused with energising rind are great to soothe dry skin and put the spring back in your step.

Soho Skin Discovery Travel Kit

If you’re looking for ultra-chic minis that work as well as they look, pick up this skincare kit from Soho Skin. It includes a cleanser, mask, moisturiser, eye cream, lip balm, serum and shave gel; everything you’d both need and want for your travels. The line is super gender-neutral, so it’s perfect for sharing when you travel or gifting to the holiday-lovers in your life.

Mantle The Discovery Kit Rich

Is your skin reactive when you travel? I feel your pain. Try this MANTLE mini kit, housing a selection from their CBD-infused calming skincare line. I’m a big fan of their creamy Magic Milk cleanser, which aims to balance your microbiome and gently clear dead skin cells with fruit enzymes, whilst their rich moisturising cream, mist, and body exfoliator complete this must-have skin and body care kit.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Face Serum And Eye Supercharged Gel-creme Set

If you’re jet-setting soon, then spend some time at the Duty-Free counter. There are often incredible Duty Free-only purchases, including this Esteé Lauder travel set that contains a smaller size of their award-winning Advanced Night Repair and a full-size Advanced Night Repair Eye Gel-Creme. If flying takes its toll on your skin, slather these on, get an eye mask ready and prepare to wake up with fresh-looking, rested skin.

Revolution Skincare X Sali Hughes Mini Kit Moisture Cream

If you’re already a fan of beauty journalist Sali Hughes’ uncomplicated skincare range, you’ll love this mini set. It comes in a handy 100% cotton bag containing a mini cleanser, exfoliant, serum and moisturiser in 10ml sizes that are ideal for weekends away and gym bags alike. They’re so small they’ll fit into the tiniest hand luggage and are perfect for keeping to decant from the full-sized products.

Clarins Showstopper Set

If your trips are long, or you’re digital nomading (we can make that a verb, right?), this kit has all your essentials nailed. Pack the Total Cleansing Oil, 150ml, and Moisture Rich Body Lotion, 200ml, into your check-in luggage, but everything else is under 100ml. The Velvet Cleansing Milk is perfect for ridding your skin of make-up and grime just after you board, whilst the Blue Orchid Face Treatment oil makes for the perfect accompaniment to a glass of wine and your favourite film. Containing a huge 12 products housed in a classic Clarins red vanity case, this is a must-have for frequent travellers.

La Pochette Travel Bottle Trio

If you’re looking for the best travel bottle set to decant your own products into, then this is it. These silicone bottles are leak-proof, you can clean them in a dishwasher, easy to fill, and the right carry-on liquid size. You’ll never look back.

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