Dr. Natalia Derkach On Disrupting The Skincare Industry With Instytutum

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Dr. Natalia Derkach is the CEO and founder of Instytutum, a skincare brand which takes a science-based approach to disrupting the skincare industry.

“My goal is to educate everyone in the world on how to achieve their best skin and drive the pursuit of real results,” she said. “I want to reject the industry’s status quo, where products often balance between aggressiveness and ineffectiveness.”

The brand is known for their non-toxic approach to skincare. “We’re famous for our clean, cruelty-free approach and next clinically proven efficacy,” said Dr. Derkach. “In my work, I delve deeper than what’s on the skin’s surface. I approach the study of youth in both facial and bodily aspects with the precision of a scientist.”

Dr. Derkach launched Instytutum in 2014, and has been working with a Swiss laboratory and its team of scientists to create result-driven skincare. Specializing in anti-aging, she has an ever-growing roster of over 20 professional-grade skincare products that include retinol, oils, daily pads and miracle creams. A mix of science and safety drives the brand.

Instytutum aims “to stand for education and research,” said Dr. Derkach. “We want to promote a scientific approach to beauty.” They only use clinically proven formulas, meaning you won’t find weakened ingredients in any of their bottles. “We balance our formulas with soothing ingredients, while paying attention to the sensory experience, like texture, color and smell in each of our products,” she said.

Dr. Derkach uses the term “skintellectuals” as a next-level skincare audience who expects a lot more from skincare brands. They raise the bar.

“These discerning consumers are well-educated in skincare components, concentrations, and label reading for their daily routines,” said Dr. Derkach. “They are passionate about the science behind skin health and seek evidence-based, well-founded solutions.”

One example is skincare brands that label a product as “with vitamin C.” While vitamin C brightens and evens skin tones, many skincare companies use only a water-soluble form of vitamin C, which only sits on the surface of the skin. Now, there’s a newer, more concentrated form called vitamin C THD, which is 50 times stronger. “Products with only water-soluble vitamin C are proved ineffective, despite their high prices,” said Dr. Derkach.

“Skincare consumers are getting smarter and smarter and are transforming the beauty landscape by demanding transparent brands, clear labeling, and formulas that genuinely deliver results.” Products should have 15% of vitamin C to get deep into your skin, without irritating it, for example.

The biggest problem with the skincare industry today is toxic brands that spend more money on marketing than their formulas, said Dr. Derkach. “Skincare brands attempt to cut corners in home care products by incorporating well-known ingredients at minimal concentrations,” she said.

With the right skincare education, clients are learning how to make informed choices about skincare for their skin. “We believe in clean beauty, and we are convinced that cosmetics should work by containing multifunctional formulas with high concentrations of active ingredients with scientifically proven effect,” she said.

The brand has grown exponentially in 2022, and has over 100,000 clients across the globe, including professionals in the dermatology field, according to Dr. Derkach. “Our team developed more than 200 formulas when developing Superbiotic plant-based ceramide cream, we had to revise the formula 32 times.”

Some of the brand’s top sellers include the Truly-Transforming Brightening Eye Cream, which smooths skin, brightens dark circles and lifts upper eyelids. “As a doctor and woman, I believe that skincare cosmetics should give a visible result,” said Dr. Derkach.

Another bestseller is their Retinol Serum, which hydrates and smoothes skin with an 8% retinol complex. Dr. Derkach says it works best when paired with the brand’s Retinol Toner and the Flawless pads, daily (or used every other day with their Powerful Retin Oil).

Another one of Instytutum’s top products is the Hydrafusion 4D HA water burst cream, which exfoliates dead skin cells, plumps wrinkles and tightens pores. It’s used by both men and women.

A proper skincare regime is “a lifestyle choice,” she says, “where ongoing skincare is as vital as any other routine in your daily life.”

To Dr. Derkach, women can always age gracefully, but with the right skincare to help issues like dehydration, wrinkles, redness, and sagging. She recommends using Vitamin C serum in the morning and retinoid serum in the evening. “Both components are oil soluble, both are so much more potent than the regular forms and both provide exceptional long-lasting results, without any unnecessary consequences,” she said.

With a goal of educating over 50,000 clients in 2024, their upcoming product releases include the Eye Multitasker and the Fancy Match Lip Gloss, among others.

“My goal is to be at the forefront of the skin care industry’s evolution,” said Dr. Derkach. “I aspire to move beyond the superficial notion of healthy skin, recognizing that the true path lies in a deeper understanding of the body, as a whole. We call this approach ‘aesthetic health,’ where we analyze the inner and outer aspects of the body to attain genuine beauty that radiates from within.”

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