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The average American falls significantly short of reaching the recommended water drinking levels, according to a recent random double opt-in survey commissioned by MyMuse and conducted by OnePoll involving 2,000 general population Americans, statistically speaking this nation is dehydrated. 

The average respondent reported drinking five glasses of water every day, which is three short of reaching the recommended amount. Generation-wise, Gen Z drinks the lowest amount of water averaging 4 cups per day, Millennials drink 5 cups on average, and both Gen Xers and Baby Boomers drink an average of 6 cups of water a day. 

The caffeine intake is in line with the 65% of respondents who also reported an increase in the amount of soda they drank over the last two years. In all, 26% of the respondents believe that they don’t drink enough water every day, and 71% of the respondents wish that soda/juice carried the same benefits that water has.

41% of the respondents said that they drink plain water most commonly, 14% prefer sparkling water, 12% reach for flavored water, and 7% need their coffee throughout the day. Interestingly, 805 of the Gen Z respondents reported an increase in their caffeine intake over the last two years, compared to 65% of the Millennial respondents and 63% of the Gen Xer respondents. 

7 in 10 respondents said that they would drink more water if only it tasted better. To try and make water taste better 82% of the respondents have tried adding infusions of fruits to their water, 35% tried to use blueberries, 31% tried limes, 29% added strawberries, 29% tried lemons, 20% added mango, and 10% tried adding raspberries to their water. 

6 in 10 actively look for drinks that come with added health benefits due to growing awareness of what they are putting into their bodies. 61% report drinking water with added vitamins and adaptogens, and 72% are now opting for low-sugar and low-calorie options when choosing beverages. 

“The market is filled with flavored water options that are packed with sugars and high in calories,” says the marketing director of MyMuse, Megan Robles, in a statement. “Consumers want beverages that are not only delicious and convenient, but options that they can feel good about with natural ingredients and added benefits for immunity support, all without sacrificing on taste and flavor.”

“When it comes to the data, it’s clear that while the consumer demand for soda is high, they are also looking for better-for-you options,” adds Robles. “We are rapidly seeing the soda preference shift to where consumers want no artificial flavors ingredients in their beverages, they are looking for a drink that can make them feel good and be part of their everyday lifestyle.”

35% of the respondents prefer still water and 17% prefer sparkling water. 77% of those who prefer still water reported feeling healthy, compared to 64% of those who prefer sparkling water. Interestingly, looking a little into personalities, 80% of the still water drinkers reported being happy compared to 63% of the sparkling water drinkers. 32% of the sparkling water drinkers reported tending to stay up late, compared to 29% of the still water drinkers being night owls. 47% of the still water drinkers like rock and roll while 50% of the sparkling water drinkers like hip hop. Finally, 52% of the still water drinkers like comedy shows compared to 48% of the sparkling water drinkers. 

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