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Common makeup struggles

Do beauty products cake on your face, run, wear-off fast, or settle into creases and make you look or feel older? These are some problems that older women who wear makeup typically experience. Sometimes issues are related to the products themselves. They may be poorly made or contain irritating ingredients. Other times, application, usage, and/or personal skin conditions come into play. If the above or other makeup struggles are happening to you, you’ll likely benefit from these six anti-aging makeup suggestions for mature skin.

Here are our six top anti-aging makeup suggestions for mature skin:

  • Be flexible. As we age, makeup tends to sit on the skin. Products we use, including some anti-aging makeup, can look cakey. Since the skin changes with age, the makeup we once wore at 20 may age us further at 40, 50, and beyond. People with mature skin should use care in selecting makeup, particularly to avoid looking overly made up. Note that technology and science improve with time. It’s best to be flexible and to keep up with the latest products designed to address and combat issues related to aging skin. Avoid products containing harmful ingredients.
  • Start with clean skin. A face is a blank canvas for makeup. To get the best application results, skin must be fully clean for makeup to be properly applied. Removing makeup before bedtime and properly washing one’s face with warm water and mild soap twice a day, preferably morning and night, can prevent dirt and oil from building up and clogging pores. Always avoid scrubbing that can lead to irritated skin. To keep skin free of bacterial buildup, always wash hands thoroughly before applying products to the face and keep makeup brushes and other beauty applications clean, too.
  • Use a good foundation. Products we apply underneath makeup are just as important as makeup itself. Lightweight products are generally preferred as heavy ones may sit on the skin and increase signs of aging. Remember, when choosing anti-aging makeup for dry skin, you’ll want to select hydrating makeup products. Likewise, women with oily skin should select products that address excess oil production. Serums that go under the skin should offer health advantages. For example, retinol, a form of vitamin A, contains anti-aging benefits designed to increase skin cell and collagen production and exfoliate and unclog pores. However, due to drying effects, the key to proper use is to introduce it to the skin gradually.
  • Wear sunscreen daily. Repeated sun exposure is known to accelerate the skin’s aging process. Unprotected skin is at an increased risk of developing sunburn and skin cancer. Sunscreen formulas, when used as directed, protect mature skin from the harmful effects of dangerous UV rays. To be effective, regular use of UV protection with a broad-spectrum SPF rating of 30 or more can help prevent additional signs of aging. Per Allure, wearing sunscreen not only helps to prevent sunburn and skin cancer issues, but it can also “minimize the appearance of concerns like fine lines, sun spots, and decreased skin laxity.”
  • Follow makeup tips from the pros. Use Facebook, Pinterest, and YouTube as resources for makeup selection and application hacks. For example, many makeup experts recommend matching foundation colors to the natural shade of one’s skin. They also suggest blending makeup well to avoid the look of harsh lines and to increase the natural effect. For makeup hacks for mature skin, click here.
  • Take your physician’s advice. Your medical doctor or dermatologist is an excellent source of skincare information. Because there are so many beauty products on the market, and people have varying skincare needs and sensitivities, medical professionals can guide you to the safest and most effective ones for your needs. It is likely a doctor will recommend products free of less desirable ingredients such as parabens, silicones, sulfates, and in some cases fragrance. Your doctor can also provide sound advice on practices such as exfoliating and moisturizing the skin. Vogue reminds consumers not to be misled by product claims. “Classifications such as “clean” and “natural” do not mean that these formulas are safer for you.” They explain that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration “has yet to make it clear what criteria constitute these claims…” This is yet another great reason to tap your doctor’s brain for skincare advice.  


These anti-aging makeup suggestions for mature skin are designed to promote healthfulness and enhance one’s natural look. While aging can increase problems of the skin, such as adding wrinkles, most skin issues can be troubleshooted and addressed, enabling mature women to look and feel their best daily.

This article is purely informational and is not intended as a medical resource or a substitute for medical advice.

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