Academic Conference on “Research on Female Reproductive Health in International Perspective” Successfully Concluded

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HONG KONG, Sept. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On September 22nd, the academic conference on “Female Reproductive Health Research in International Perspective”, organized by Hong Kong Research Institute of Modern Chinese Medicine for Reproductive Anti-aging(HKMCMRA), was successfully concluded in Hong Kong. A number of research experts, including Professor Carmen Messerlian of Harvard School of Public Health , participated in the conference and conducted in-depth discussions on the influence of environment, social status and other factors on the field of reproductive health, by combining medicine, biology, psychology and other disciplines both at home and abroad.

This seminar, hosted by HKMCMRA, aims to promote breakthroughs in R&D of the Institute’s key technologies in the reproductive health industry through intercultural and interdisciplinary exchanges. A total of more than 10 experts and scholars in the conference actively put forward industry-leading opinions, and shared more than 20 academic papers in the field of reproductive health, thus conducting discussions that subverted modern female’s cognition.

Professor Carmen Messerlian
Professor Carmen Messerlian

Among them, Prof. Carmen Messerlian, with her paper Reproductive Medicine in the Face of Climate Change: A Call for Prevention through Leadership published in the field of environmental reproduction as the core, triggered a discussion among the experts and scholars present. Prof. Messerlian said that, under the rapid changes in the global natural environment, construction and social environment, there will be significant changes in male and female fertility, pregnancy and child health, which will have an impact on reproductive health throughout the whole life cycle. At the same time, Prof. Messerlian conducted in-depth exchanges with the participants on the current common clinical reproductive health issues such as reproductive safety, spontaneous abortion, surgical treatment of infertility, premature ovarian failure, which provided a lot of academic references for the Institute’s follow-up research in female reproductive health.

Head of the Reproductive Health and Endocrinology Research, targetedly discussed the issues related to the “protection and assessment of women’s reproductive health” by taking both Prof. Carmen Messerlian’s sharing and the core propositions of R&D into consideration. She also carried out detailed case studies on reproductive health issues such as women’s ovulation and ovarian function, and put forward the core R&D goals that the signal conduction tech and the inner-ecology lever will be ceaselessly optimized and upgraded in the future.

This conference successfully accomplished the exchange of academic achievements in interdisciplinary fields and provided a platform for experts and scholars in reproductive medicine to understand, learn from and discuss with each other. Hong Kong Research Institute of Modern Chinese Medicine for Reproductive Anti-aging will make continued efforts to gain more achievements in female’s reproductive health, and will carry out more cutting-edge academic conferences in the future to relentlessly promote the vigorous development of China’s reproductive health.


Source: Hong Kong Research Institute of Modern Chinese Medicine for Reproductive Anti-aging

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