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Anti-Aging Medicine
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The Sims 4 presents a captivating world where players can be virtual architects and designers. From creating them to making them fall in love, it’s players who get to decide every aspect of Sims’ lives. Having said that, Sims age up naturally over time in The Sims 4, just like people in real life. However, certain bugs in the game can prematurely accelerate their aging, potentially robbing players of extended enjoyment.



Therefore, it is important to know how to stop the aging of Sims to keep the fun going for an extended period. For those who don’t know how to halt the aging process of Sims in The Sims 4, this article will be helpful.

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How to Stop Aging in The Sims 4

disabling auto age the sims 4

Several actions can unexpectedly advance a Sim’s age in The Sims 4. Sometimes, blowing out more candles than needed can accelerate the aging of the Sims. In other cases, certain bugs get the Sims to age up and grow older unexpectedly fast. As far as this bizarre bug is concerned, it skips the birthdays for the Sims and transitions toddler Sims into seniors in an unusually short span of time.

Luckily for Simmers, it is possible to halt the aging process by visiting the game menu. For this purpose, go to game options and select the ‘Gameplay’ tab. Next, select Auto Age (Played Sims), followed by selecting ‘No.’

Having said that, it is important to remember that it might be shocking for Sims to see their best friends or love interests too old after a certain period of time. It’s also worth remembering that players can remove this aging pause, allowing their Sims to resume their natural aging process.

Using an Anti Aging Potion

rewards store the sims 4

Furthermore, Simmers who don’t want their Sims to stop aging completely have the option to use a certain anti-aging potion, The Potion of Youth. This magical potion has the remarkable ability to rewind a Sim to the beginning of their current life stage. For example, if an elderly Sim drinks the potion, they will remain in that elderly stage but will essentially start that stage anew.

However, the Potion of Youth is quite expensive and requires 1500 satisfaction points. Players can get this silvery translucent liquid from the Aspiration Reward shop. It is pertinent to mention that this potion does not stop aging; it just resets the current life stage of a Sim.

The Sims 4 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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