Spot the trends: the latest in Shanghai’s fashion field

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Anti-Aging Medicine
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Plaza 66

Spot the trends: the latest in Shanghai's fashion field

Ti Gong

Plaza 66 Shanghai will launch a five-day Rooftop Oasis market from September 29 to October 3. The initiative explores the diverse possibilities of urban public spaces, and also joins with sustainable brands to bring a green-living lifestyle to city dwellers.

The market in the mall’s Level 6 Podium Garden is inspired by bamboo, which creates a vibrant green oasis in the city center. Bamboo baskets and rows weave and build arched walls like curved moonbows, with luxury brand booths surrounding a central lawn.

The range of greenery adds vitality, making people feel as if they are walking through “a bamboo forest in the clouds,” while balloon lights hanging all around create a festive atmosphere.

An array of sustainable brands will showcase their green low-carbon products, promoting an environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Immersive workshop activities will allow visitors to make their own Mid-Autumn Festival lanterns and bamboo candles, or enjoy a refreshing natural drink. There is even a dog yoga program for pets.

Interactive games such as lucky hoops, mini golf, and fun fishing bring back childhood memories. For those who love taking selfies, there is a photo space where guests can capture highlight moments in the bamboo forest scenery with lights and shadow interlaced.


Spot the trends: the latest in Shanghai's fashion field

Ti Gong

Dermafirm, a skin-care brand from South Korea, recently held its first offline product launch event in China to release its latest anti-aging series – The Peptide.

The event took place at the historic 1862 Fashion Art Center in Shanghai, a shipyard that has witnessed China’s shipbuilding history. Industrial experts, beauty bloggers, and influencers attended the event to see the unveiling of the brand’s latest anti-aging innovation.

Set up in 2002, the brand won the South Korea First Brand Awards for five consecutive years as the most anticipated dermo-cosmetics brand selected by Chinese consumers.

“Peptides are amino acids that are referred to as the building blocks of certain proteins needed by the skin, like collagen and elastin,” said Matthew Oh, chief information officer of Dermafirm Peptide & Material Development Lab.

Peptides are essential for the skin’s structure and function, including firmness, texture, and overall appearance.

The brand established its own peptide laboratory 10 years ago. The brand has independently produced 26 types of peptides and owns five patented peptides.

The new series is now available for purchase on Dermafirm’s Tmall official store.

Blancpain x Swatch

Spot the trends: the latest in Shanghai's fashion field

Ti Gong

Watchmaker Blancpain is collaborating with Swatch to create a playful and unexpected version of its iconic Fifty Fathoms scuba diving watch. Created 70 years ago by a passionate scuba diver, the Fifty Fathoms revolutionized watchmaking by becoming the first timepiece that successfully met all the needs of underwater exploration.

The five mechanical watches in the non-limited Bioceramic Scuba Fifty Fathoms Collection faithfully reproduce all the hallmarks of the Swiss watchmaking icon while referencing Swatch’s diving watch line, the SCUBA.

The five Blancpain x Swatch models are made from bioceramics, a unique and patented blend of two-thirds ceramic and one-third biomaterials derived from castor oil, resulting in a very durable, scratch-resistant product with a silky matte finish.

The watches in this collection are equipped with Swatch’s mechanical movement SISTEM51. Launched in 2013, Swatch SISTEM51 is the first and only mechanical movement whose production is entirely automated.

Drawing inspiration from the deep seas, each model celebrates one of the five oceans and the magnificent, colorful animals known as nudibranchs, that dwell in their depths. The animals are featured in a digital print on the movement’s rotor which allows the watch to recharge automatically with a simple movement of the wrist.

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