Face Yoga Method’s Virtual Summit Is Set To Transform How People See Themselves in the Mirror

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Published September 22, 2023

Join over 20,000 participants from October 4-6, 2023 for a 3-day Virtual Face Yoga Summit in cutting-edge anti-aging practices and self-care techniques for women in their 40s and beyond!

The third virtual Face Yoga Method Summit 2023 is right around the corner, and everyone’s invited to learn from industry experts in the pro-age revolution. The online event will span 3 days, with the goal of educating on Face Yoga, skin care, healthy lifestyle hacks and growth mindset to help participants achieve a total transformation.

On the heels of anti-aging campaigns, with an increasing amount of people subscribing to expensive face creams, makeup, and invasive treatments to maintain their youth, Face Yoga Method goes against the grain.

Founder, Fumiko Takatsu, is committed to empowering people on their natural aging journey through facial exercises that give practitioners their power back. Her annual 3-Day Virtual Face Yoga Summit will gather thousands of women who are interested in taking their skin care  and self-care to the next level. This will be done over 12 hours of expert presentations for everything Face Yoga, skin care, beauty, lifestyle, and pro-aging – 100% online!

Participants look forward to topics in the 3-Day Virtual Face Yoga Summit that include:

–  The science behind Face Yoga and firming the face
–  Diminishing a double chin with just 10 minutes a day
–  Aging gracefully: importance of proper posture and collagen
–  Living your purpose at any age

Each session of the 3-day Face Yoga love fest will feature interactive sessions, workshops, and insights, all centered around radically transforming the way people see themselves in the mirror with the holistic Face Yoga Method approach. 

Bringing together over 20,000 face yogis, the Face Yoga Method Summit 2023 is set to spark a revolution in all-natural aging, while demonstrating how everyone’s best days are ahead of them. By the end of the summit, participants will have a better grasp of the Face Yoga Method, its impact, and how they can easily incorporate it into their daily lives. This unique pro-aging event provides a mind, body, and soul transformation.

Event Overview

Each of the three days will cover various topics and lessons centered around Face, Body, and Mindset.

Day 1, October 4th, will focus on action with regard to the face. Here, participants will uncover the science behind the Face Yoga Method and understand what makes this approach effective for anyone at any age.

Day 2, October 5th, will touch on awareness with regard to the body. The virtual lesson will help people discover what their body is telling them and show them how to harness effective pro-age habits.

Day 3, October 6th, will center around adoption, emphasizing a growth mindset. Participants will learn how to seamlessly integrate Face Yoga into their daily routine for a transformation from the inside out.

The Face Yoga Method Summit 2023 is a must-attend virtual event for those ready to learn how to naturally look and feel their best at any age. “You’ll take away inspiration, understanding, and know-how to help you embrace the most beautiful process of life – your aging process – and make it the most enjoyable experience possible.”

Register for a free virtual ticket to secure a spot at the Face Yoga Method Summit 2023, where no stone will be left unturned on everything: skin care, beauty, lifestyle, and pro-age.

Media Contact
Company Name: Face Yoga Method
Contact Person: Fumiko Takatsu
Email: Send Email
Country: United States
Website: https://go.faceyogamethod.com/summit

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