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What Influences Aesthetic Treatment Prices?

Muriel Cuddy CEO of Mareto 80/20 Ltd. Explains aesthetic treatment prices and factors that influence them. While prices can vary, it’s essential to understand the factors that influence the cost:

Doctors experience:

You can expect a highly experienced doctor with a history of excellent patient safety outcomes and a strong background in facial aesthetics to charge more than an inexperienced or unqualified practitioner. When selecting a doctor look for an IMC number (Irish Medical Council) you can check here: to verify that a doctor is registered to practice medicine in Ireland and you can also check a doctor’s qualifications.

The quality and origin of the product used:

When considering any aesthetic treatment, it is essential for you, the patient, to know which product is being used. Your practitioner should be able to answer questions such as: who is your supplier? Where are they based? (look for a practitioner who uses Irish suppliers) Is the product CE marked? (The CE Mark on a product indicates that it meets the essential safety requirements legally) How is the product stored? (toxins must be refrigerated) asking these basic questions is essential to ensure your safety.

The amount of product used:

Aesthetic treatments are priced based on the amount of product used. The amount of product required depends on the treatment area and the individual’s specific needs. It’s important to have a consultation to determine the right amount of product for your specific needs. This will also let you know how much you will need to budget for your specific treatment.

The complexity of the treatment

The cost of dermal filler for example can also depend on the number of treatment areas and the complexity of the procedure. This is because using a dermal filler for the lips isn’t as complex as administering under eye (tear trough) filler. Not only is this procedure more complex, it also requires additional training, not every practitioner is qualified to offer this treatment. It is always important to ask the practitioner if they are qualified to treat the specific area of concern.

After care

One must also consider the follow-up services provided by the clinic. Some clinics may include these services in the initial cost, while others may charge additional fees. Proper aftercare and follow-up appointments are crucial to monitor your progress and ensure optimal results. Be sure to clarify these details with your chosen clinic beforehand. That is why after each aesthetic treatment administered, we call our patients to check on their progress. We ask questions such as: do you have any swelling or bruising? Are you happy with the results? Do you require a prescription etc.  Only a qualified doctor can offer a prescription if needed.

Being aware of the above can be the difference between a positive or a negative outcome. To experience aesthetic medicine as it should be please call 052 614 8881 or email



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