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Anti-Aging Medicine
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Bryan Johnson takes 61 pills every day, and eats 70 pounds of vegetables every month. He wakes up at 4:30 a.m. and goes to bed at 8:30 p.m. Every hour of his day is regimented by an algorithm built from rigorous bodily monitoring and the science of over 2,000 academic publications. 

The 45-year-old American tech entrepreneur spends around $2 million a year to halt his body’s aging process and has a team of doctors constantly studying him as he works out and finishes the “protocols” or activities of his intense schedule. 

He considers himself the most monitored person in human history and yet insists he’s not miserable. 

“I have never in my entire life been happier, more fulfilled, or had a more expanded consciousness. I pity the previous version of me that was on this roller coaster searching for his next hit all the time,” Johnson said Wednesday at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech conference in Deer Valley, Utah.

Johnson doesn’t desire cheat days, or any of the “cheap thrills” of human life. Devoting every minute of his life to reversing the aging of his organs has made life better than ever, he said.

“This is the thing everyone presupposes too, that I somehow desire a pizza or doughnut. I don’t. It makes me sick to think about it,” Johnson said. 

Johnson’s company Blueprint, launched in 2021, is attempting to create a routine for perfect human health and wellness. Acting as a spokesperson for the company’s regiments, Johnson said he used to be ruled by desire and the hunger of his mind, for groceries or fast food. 

“It wasn’t a reliable form of authority. My mind was always a rascal and doing things that were self-destructive in nature,” Johnson said. 

He’s referring to the period in his life before he started Blueprint that saw a series of entrepreneurial enterprises. Most notably, he founded the mobile payment platform Braintree in 2007. The company, one of the fastest-growing at the time, bought Venmo for $26.2 million, and later Braintree was bought by Paypal for $800 million. Johnson is reportedly worth $400 million. 

Now, with his organs behind the wheel, his life isn’t a prison, but a freedom from the influence of time and aging. 

When asked if he has any doubts or plans to stop, he described Blueprint as the most advanced way to improve health (as in ever). Johnson claims he has reduced his biological age by more than five years.  The routine may require a total lifestyle, but, when asked, Johnson finds it to be more effective compared to another known case of a Harvard professor, who claims he reduced his biological age by 10 years simply by specific dieting habits, like intermittent fasting and avoiding alcohol, meat, and sugar. Johnson said the Harvard professor isn’t tracking the same variety of biological measurements as Blueprint, either. 

“Prove me wrong with your data,” Johnson challenged the audience. 

No portion of the pursuit is overkill or overstepping ethical boundaries—even controversially testing what happens after absorbing the plasma of his then 17-year-old son. It yielded no results, but he doesn’t regret the attempt. 

Johnson’s father wanted to try to reverse the effects of old age, and plasma was on the table. The entrepreneur’s son overheard the conversation with his father, and volunteered his own plasma for testing.

The tech CEO criticized his critics as being “old-fashioned.”

“People presuppose so many things about Blueprint. They assume so many things without catching themselves that these are ideas they have in their mind and zero knowledge of anything going on inside my world. So it’s a good reminder that we have these default thought processes, but they really paint a picture different from reality,” Johnson said. 

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