I’m 37 and reversing time – stop wasting your money on anti-aging creams, my amazing tool works so much better

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Anti-Aging Medicine
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A SKINCARE expert has vowed never to use anti-aging creams after getting impressive results with an at-home beauty tool.

Gin Amber (@ginamberx) shocked people as she explained why she doesn’t buy expensive cosmetics that promise to prevent the signs of aging.

Gin Amber has wowed many on TikTok after revealing that she doesn't use anti-aging creams


Gin Amber has wowed many on TikTok after revealing that she doesn’t use anti-aging creamsCredit: TikTok/ginamberx

The 37-year-old has racked up over 203,000 followers on TikTok with regular posts sharing the beauty tricks she follows to maintain her ageless appearance. 

She warned her followers not to splurge their money on products that haven’t been proven to deliver visible results.

Gin said: “Do you wanna know why I threw away all my anti-aging creams?

“Because they don’t freaking work.

“You’re wasting so much money girl, thinking that ‘oh this cream gonna reverse my aging and this cream gonna make me look younger.’

“No, you’ve been lied to. There’s no scientific proof that anti-aging creams work.”

Gin had a youthful glow and appeared to have no wrinkles as she spoke passionately about what she uses on her own skin.

She continued: “You know what works and has been scientifically proven? 

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“Microneedling tools like Dermarollers.” 

Holding up a device, she said: “This is trademarked real individual Needle Dermaroller.

“It works, look at me I’m 37 years old, no Botox and no fillers.

“No lights, no Photoshop, and no filters. 

Gin told her followers that they should invest in a real individual Needle Dermaroller


Gin told her followers that they should invest in a real individual Needle DermarollerCredit: TikTok/ginamberx

“Make sure you get a real individual Needle Dermaroller, not the fake one. 

“Fake ones destroy the skin, real ones help to boost collagen production in your skin naturally.

“Don’t be afraid. It does not hurt I promise.”

Gin advised people to visit her website to buy the product and the video got over 1,400 likes from impressed viewers.

One person wrote: “You’re 37? You look like you’re in your early 20s.”

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Another said: “Damn I really want to have skin like you. I am 39 but I am scared of needles.”

A third commented: “I am week two and I can already see a difference!!! Thank you.”

Gin said the tool helps to boost collagen production in the skin naturally


Gin said the tool helps to boost collagen production in the skin naturallyCredit: TikTok/ginamberx

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