I’m 37 & reversed aging – I was surprised by a ‘natural Botox’ drink, it really moved the needle and cleared my acne

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Anti-Aging Medicine
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A 37-YEAR-OLD woman has revealed how she maintains youthful-looking skin.

She shared her passion for anti-aging by spilling the details on what she calls a “natural Botox drink.”

Nadine is a 37-year-old digital content creator with a passion for making healthier choices


Nadine is a 37-year-old digital content creator with a passion for making healthier choicesCredit: TikTok/thenaturalnadine

Nadine (@thenaturalnadine) filmed herself discussing her approach to skincare in a video on TikTok.

“I’m 37 years old. I’ve never had Botox, filler, or any cosmetic surgeries. I age reverse naturally, and I’m going to tell you how to do it,” she said.

She showed photos of herself prior to implementing her healthier lifestyle, with her skin clearly not as vibrant in the past.

“I definitely had visible dark circles, and this is with makeup and concealer. I also had a lot of breakouts, a lot of scarring, and a lot of dark spots, too,” she said.

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She shared her go-to drink, which she claimed changed her skin for the better.

“I have been celery juicing since 2017, when I found the Medical Medium. I tried everything.

“I actually didn’t think celery juice would work because I tried so many different juices over the years, and nothing helped me feel better. I thought, yeah, right. Celery juice is not going to work. And it did.

“It really moved the needle with everything, especially my skin, my overall health. It helped remove my brain fog.

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“It helped with my skin issues, like my eczema, my acne, blemishes, got rid of my bloating.

“I had such bad bloating and really just some other things like it helped healed my adrenals.

“And it’s also going to give you plump skin because it’s cleaning your liver and it’s removing the toxins and it’s breaking down the cells of those pathogens.

“The viruses and bacteria that’s causing you to lose collagen. So celery juice is a natural botox. I would definitely start drinking it,” she said.

Nadine also placed an emphasis on hydration and a fruit-heavy diet.

“You also want to eat more fruit and foods that are really rich in betacarotene.

“So this includes papayas, mangoes, raspberries, leafy greens like spinach, sweet potatoes, watermelon, really any type of lemon.

“And I’m always saying eat more fruit because it will really help hydrate your skin at that cellular level,” she said.

She spoke in front of a green screen of herself in the past, prior to implementing healthier choices


She spoke in front of a green screen of herself in the past, prior to implementing healthier choicesCredit: TikTok/thenaturalnadine

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