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Aging is an inevitable process that brings with it a myriad of challenges impacting daily life, especially as we venture into our 50s and 60s. One of the principal hurdles encountered is the struggle to maintain optimum cellular health, a crucial aspect that significantly dictates the aging process.

Despite our best efforts through healthy diets, sometimes it just doesn’t suffice, indicating the genuine necessity for supplements that can aid in reversing the anti-aging effects brought on by declining NAD+ levels, a natural occurrence as we age.

This is precisely where NAD+ boosting supplements step in, with “Tru Niagen” emerging as a remarkably popular name in this domain. Garnering overwhelmingly positive Tru Niagen reviews, this dietary supplement company vows to elevate NAD+ levels using potent dosages of natural ingredients in its products. Clients are continuously reporting notable improvements in their health and vitality.

But a critical question hangs – how reliable is this NAD+ supplement powerhouse? Is it the magic pill to counter the aging process effectively? Dive deep in this detailed Tru Niagen review as we unravel the veracity behind this NAD+ brand and its raved anti-aging effects, assisting you in making an informed choice in your journey to achieving improved cellular health and slowing down the effects of aging spurred by NAD+ levels decline.

About Tru Niagen

Tru Niagen is a new but renowned company offering highly effective NAD+ supplements to help individuals maintain their cellular health, a cornerstone in preserving one’s well-being at the foundational level. Supported by nearly 25 years of ChromaDex’s experience, the mastermind food ingredient and dietary supplement company behind Tru Niagen, founded in 1990, it stands as a trusted name in the e-commerce world.

Tru Niagen is instrumental in enhancing the NAD+ levels in your body, a crucial element in generating energy in the countless cells that make up human anatomy. Sadly, these NAD+ levels face a dip not just with growing age but also due to physiological stress, resulting in improper cell functioning, which can affect your overall health. That’s where Tru Niagen steps in, ensuring your cells always have the energy they need to function optimally.

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Tru Niagen NAD+ Supplements

Tru Niagen Does not have a long list of dietary supplements and NAD+ products. It offers two main NAD+ supplements. Let’s read about each of these products one by one:

Tru Niagen Age Better

Tru Niagen Age Better is here to revolutionize the way we approach healthy aging. Think of it as your daily ally, working tirelessly to rejuvenate your cells from the inside. With just one capsule a day, you kick-start a process that can raise NAD+ levels in your blood by up to 51% in a short span of two weeks and maintain that uplift as you continue to use it. Tru Niagen claims that this is a trusted way to support your body, no matter if you’re 30 or 70, helping you enjoy not just a long but a healthy life.

What’s in it?

The power behind these Tru Niagen capsules lies in a super ingredient called nicotinamide riboside (NR), a form of vitamin B3. This special component, combined with the promise of being gluten and nut-free, makes it suitable for many individuals seeking a health boost. Moreover, it respects vegetarian dietary preferences, making it an inclusive choice in your journey towards healthy aging.

How Does it Work?

Imagine this – you take a capsule, and as it travels down into your stomach, the NR starts to dissolve and is absorbed into your body, ready to work wonders in your cells. Unlike other elements, NR has the VIP pass to swiftly move across cell walls and get straight to work in boosting nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), essential in cellular energy production and cellular repair.

With the consistent use of Tru Niagen capsules, you can expect to see a reversal in the decline of NAD+ production, a common issue as we age. In just two weeks, there’s a potential to correct this by roughly 50%, and the benefits don’t stop there.

  • In 8 Weeks, You could notice an improved baseline of NAD+ levels, promising you potential benefits in your overall health and subtle positive changes here and there. It is about giving back to your cells what time and stress have snatched away over the years.
  • After 90+ Days: The beauty of Tru Niagen is its long-term commitment to your health. Many users have integrated it into their routine for years, enjoying sustained benefits owing to elevated NAD+ levels that work 24/7 in cellular repair and keeping your cells in prime condition.

In a nutshell, Tru Niagen Age Better stands as a reliable NAD+ booster, ensuring a robust defense against the toll time and metabolic stress take on your body, aiding in a healthspan that keeps you feeling great as you age.

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Tru Niagen Immune

In a world where our cells constantly battle stressors, it’s essential to have a trusty ally by our side. That’s where the Tru Niagen supplement comes into play. Think of Tru Niagen Immune as a science-backed support system for your 37.2 trillion living cells. While these tiny, hardworking cells handle so much, including aging, energy levels, and weight loss, they sometimes need extra care, especially against stressors that might weaken immune health. This is where the Tru Niagen supplement offers its hand – it not only revitalizes these cells but also boosts our overall vitality.

What’s in it?

Peeking inside this wonder, the Tru Niagen ingredients present a well-curated blend for your cellular needs:

  • VegD3® vegan vitamin D: A sunshine dose without the actual sun.
  • Niagen®: A patented form of nicotinamide riboside (NR), a superior form of vitamin B3 that plays a pivotal role in cellular energy production.
  • Zinc: A trusted mineral for boosting immunity.
  • Theracurmin: An exceptional form of curcumin that supports your overall health and vitality.
  • Vitamin C: A classic immune-supporting vitamin.

Worry not; this Tru Niagen supplement ensures there are no animal byproducts or artificial colors, focusing on pure health benefits.

How Does it Work?

Every ingredient in the Tru Niagen supplement has a job. Vitamin D, C, and zinc collectively play a key role in upholding a robust immune response, ensuring your body is ready to tackle external threats. Meanwhile, Niagen steps in to replenish NAD+, a crucial NAD+ precursor that can sadly diminish by up to a staggering 80% during stressful times, especially when our immune health is at stake.

Now, where does the anti-aging benefit come in? The answer is simple. As our energy levels and cellular production face challenges due to accelerated aging or impaired mitochondrial function, we need more energy to combat these effects. With the Tru Niagen ingredients, especially the form of vitamin B3, the supplement boosts our cellular energy production. This means your cells have the energy they need, leading to potential weight loss and anti-aging benefits.

Theracurmin brings in its share by adding to your vitality. This is how Tru Niagen works – it supports every tiny aspect of your health, from cell health to immunity, ensuring you are ready to face the world every day.

Finally, in the vast ocean of anti-aging supplements, Tru Niagen Immune stands out, promising not just more energy but a holistic approach to good health. So, if you’re looking for a supplement that goes beyond just boosting energy, Tru Niagen Immune might be your go-to.

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Tru Niagen Reviews – Are Customers Happy?

In the world of health and well-being, customer satisfaction is pivotal. As we sift through various Tru Niagen reviews, we notice a pattern of positivity. Many individuals have emphasized the impact of taking Tru Niagen supplements on their daily lives.

Customers report a notable improvement in their metabolic rate, a factor aiding those aiming to lose weight. Some have even noticed enhancements in their exercise performance, a testimony to the supplement’s efficacy in promoting better cellular function.

The NR supplement stands tall in the market, with users praising its role in helping increase NAD+ levels, which is vital for maintaining numerous bodily functions. Even individuals with high blood pressure have found a sense of relief, attributing it to the consistent use of this supplement, thankfully without adverse effects.

It is clear from each Tru Niagen review that people from various walks of life dealing with different health issues have found a friend in Tru Niagen. It’s not just about the numbers; it’s about the smiling faces and the energetic lives attributing their joy and wellness to Tru Niagen.

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Tru Niagen Benefits

In a market brimming with anti-aging products, Tru Niagen has successfully carved a niche, owing to the plethora of benefits it brings to the table. Let’s delve into eight key advantages of this supplement:

Safety and Certification

Tru Niagen takes the lead with its impressive certifications. The supplement is FDA-notified as GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe), guaranteeing that it has met stringent safety standards. Moreover, it boasts an NSF for Sport® certification, making it a reliable choice for athletes.

Boosts NAD+ Levels

Regular consumption helps in increasing the NAD+ levels in the body, playing a crucial role in supporting various biological processes and promoting cellular health.

Enhanced Metabolic Function

With Tru Niagen, you can expect a surge in your metabolic function, aiding in efficient energy production and helping individuals maintain a healthy weight.

Supports Cellular Repair

The ingredients in Tru Niagen are geared to support cellular repair processes, thereby assisting in maintaining cellular function and slowing down the aging process.

Immunity Boost

Tru Niagen comes loaded with immune-boosting nutrients like vitamins C and D, alongside zinc, which work in unison to enhance your immune response.

Improved Cognitive Function

By fostering healthy NAD+ levels, it supports cognitive functions, encouraging better brain health and potentially enhancing mental clarity and focus.

Heart Health

Aiding in the betterment of heart health, it assists in reducing the risk factors associated with heart diseases, working as a companion in your journey towards a healthy heart.

Energy Revival

Be it day-to-day tasks or strenuous physical activities, Tru Niagen stands as a pillar supporting enhanced energy levels, allowing you to lead an active and fulfilling life.

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Scientific Research Behind Tru Niagen NAD+ Supplements

The efficacy of Tru Niagen NAD+ supplements is rooted deeply in scientific research and numerous clinical studies, bringing forth a supplement with claims substantiated through rigorous trials. The active ingredient in these supplements is nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), which has been the subject of extensive research, spotlighting its role in a multitude of bodily functions and potential benefits in promoting healthy aging.

Clinical trials have highlighted a variety of potential benefits tied to elevated NAD+ levels. A substantial body of evidence from human trials emphasizes its role in alleviating symptoms of high blood pressure and reducing the risk factors associated with Alzheimer’s disease. The anti-aging benefits of NAD+ are especially prominent, marking it as a key ingredient in the arena of anti-aging products.

Furthermore, recent studies have steered towards exploring the positive impact of NAD+ on metabolic stress, showcasing a potential pathway toward healthier living. In this context, the supplement has shown promise in aiding weight-lifting enthusiasts by potentially enhancing muscle function and energy production.

As the scientific community continues to unfold the layers of benefits packed in NAD+ through meticulous clinical studies, Tru Niagen emerges with a strong foundation in science, promising not just a supplement but a scientifically backed route to wholesome living.

Where To Buy Tru Niagen Supplements? – Cost, Availability, And Discounts

When it comes to purchasing Tru Niagen supplements, the most reliable source is its official website. Buying directly from the official platform ensures you receive an authentic product backed with all the guarantees and customer service that Tru Niagen offers. Moreover, the website often features detailed information on the supplements, helping you make an informed decision.

Here is how much the Tru Niagen costs:

  • Buy 30 capsules of Tru Niagen: $40
  • Buy 90 capsules of Tru Niagen: $105
  • Buy 120 capsules of Tru Niagen: $158
  • Buy 180 capsules of Tru Niagen: $198
  • Buy 30 stick packs Tru Niagen: $49.95
  • Buy Tru Niagen Immune: $32

When considering which package to buy, it is pertinent to note that the primary benefit of Tru Niagen supplements, which is to increase NAD+ levels significantly, is best realized over a long-term regimen.

For a devoted approach to boosting human health through a reliable NAD+ booster, we would recommend opting for packages with a higher capsule count. The 180-capsule package ensures a steady supply for a more extended period, aiding you in maintaining a consistent routine, which is key to witnessing remarkable results.

Refund Policy

Tru Niagen stands firmly behind the quality and potential healthy aging benefits of its dietary supplement. If you find that taking Tru Niagen doesn’t bring the results you hoped for, there’s good news: they offer a straightforward 30-day refund policy to ensure your satisfaction. Should you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to the dedicated team at, who are always ready to assist you in navigating your health journey with Tru Niagen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Nicotinamide riboside (NR)?

Nicotinamide riboside (NR) is a form of vitamin B3 that is utilized as a precursor to nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (NAD+), a vital coenzyme present in all living cells. NAD+ plays a crucial role in cellular energy production, supporting numerous biological processes, including DNA repair and cellular metabolism, ultimately promoting overall cellular health.

Is taking the Tru Niagen NAD+ supplement safe?

Yes, taking Tru Niagen products is safe. They have been proven in scientific research and made using 100% safe and natural ingredients. The NAD+ dietary supplement of this company has been made in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility.

What is the recommended Tru Niagen dosage?

When taking capsules, take one NAD+ capsule daily with a glass of water. If you are a beginner, get the 100mg capsule and see how well it reacts with your body. Then, you can start taking a 300 mg dosage. However, with stick packs, add one pack to a glass of water and drink it. What makes Tru Niagen good is its flexible dosage and various supplement forms, allowing customers to get what they want.

Is Tru Niagen FDA-approved?

No, this dietary supplement has not been approved by the FDA. However, it is developed in facilities following FDA standards and good manufacturing practices.

What are the risks associated with nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide supplementation?

While NAD+ supplementation has been associated with several health benefits, it is essential to consider potential risks. Some research suggests a possibility of an increased risk of neoplasm and other age-related pathophysiology, including a speculative increase in cancer risk.

However, it is pertinent to note that more research is needed in this area to establish a concrete correlation between supplementation and these risks, ensuring safe and informed usage of such supplements.

Is Tru Tru Niagen Legit? Final Words

In the evolving landscape of dietary supplements, Tru Niagen has solidified its place as a reliable and legitimate option for those seeking to support their cellular health and promote healthy aging.

With science-backed formulations and a transparent approach to customer satisfaction, Tru Niagen is not just legit but a front-runner in the industry.

As you reach the end of this review, we encourage you to explore the tangible benefits that Tru Niagen can bring to your health journey.

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