Therabody Just Launched an All-in-One LED Face Mask and Head Massage Tool

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My bedside table looks like an Apple Store of skincare tools. From microcurrent devices to LED masks, I will jump at any chance to give my skin a little pampering before my head hits the pillow. So when Therabody’s new TheraFace Mask came across my desk, I immediately brought it home to give it a go that very evening.

Therabody is mostly known for its extensive selection of percussive therapy tools, including the cult-favorite Theragun created by chiropractor Jason Wersland. But last year, the brand expanded into skincare tools with the TheraFace Pro, an eight-in-one facial device that provides microcurrent toning, a cleansing brush, targeted LED light therapy, percussive massage, and more. Today, the brand continued its foray into skincare tools with the new TheraFace Mask.

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While there are a slew of LED masks on the market, Therabody stayed true to its wellness roots and integrated its percussive techniques into the face mask. “We looked at what’s on the market to see how we could improve upon it and make it unique to Therabody,” said director of education marketing and media Lissa Bankston. “The TheraFace Pro and Mask are moving us forward in an evolution from athletic wellness brand to holistic wellness company, more specifically looking at facial health.”

What does LED light do?

While LED light therapy was long reserved for in-office treatments, over the past few years a number of at-home devices have come to market. LED light—which for a majority of the tools available includes red, blue, and infrared light—is an FDA-approved technology. Each wavelength has different benefits: Red light has a long wavelength that penetrates the skin deeply to combat signs of aging. Blue light is known to kill bacteria that can cause breakouts. And when coupled with red light, infrared light can help accelerate the cellular healing process and further help with fine lines and wrinkles.

What is the TheraFace Mask?

A number of elements make the TheraFace Mask different from typical LED face masks. First off, the TheraFace Mask has a 648 medical-grade LEDs, and each of the 648 lights can produce all three wavelengths. Bankston said this isn’t common, as most masks split the lights up among red, blue, and infrared. “This gives a more thorough treatment, especially when it comes to those who are acne-prone, as we noticed a lot of the masks on the market concentrate blue light just in the T-zone,” she added.

With a click of a button, the TheraFace Mask runs through a nine-minute treatment of three three-minute sessions for each wavelength of light. Crunched for time? The mask allows you to easily pick one of the colors to use individually, for a quick and effective treatment. For the ultimate multitasker, the mask has adjustable straps, so you can stand up and move around while doing the treatment. I personally love to throw the mask on while doing the dishes to feel more productive. And because Therabody truly thought of everything, there is a removable eye shield to block out the bright light, so you can truly multitask while treating your skin.

What sets the TheraFace Mask apart?

The most exciting aspect of the mask is the addition of massage therapy while the light treatment is running. Therabody matched each of the three wavelengths of light to a different type of vibration therapy. For example, the massage during the blue light session is concentrated just on the strap, to avoid irritating existing breakouts. You can also use the device solely for the LED light or a 15-minute session of vibration therapy.

The TheraFace Mask has all the benefits LED light masks typically offer: increased skin luminosity, improved texture and tone, reduction of fine line and wrinkles, and decreased breakouts. But unlike other devices, the TheraFace Mask has been proven to help with the jawline area. “One of the most shocking benefits of the mask that we found from our clinical study was firmness along the jawline for most participants after eight weeks,” Bankston said.

Final thoughts

I had the chance to try out the TheraFace Mask a few weeks ahead of its launch. After just a few uses, I was hooked. While sitting through a nine-minute treatment sounds mildly annoying, especially when your to-do list is piling up, the three lights broken up into three separate intervals makes it easy to sit through–plus, the added benefit of massage is heavenly before bed. I definitely noticed smoother skin, a more even tone all over my face, and a decrease in breakouts after just one week. In fact, the mask is so innovative, it became a winner of our Harper’s Bazaar 2023 Icon Awards. While I won’t abandon the LED light on my TheraFace Pro (the experts at Therabody said it can be used in tandem with the TheraFace Mask to double-down on light therapy or spot treat), the new mask will definitely be a mainstay in my daily routine.

TheraFace Mask

TheraFace Mask

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