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Want to achieve centenarian status? It’s not as lofty a goal as it seems.

In 2021, more than 89,000 people over the age of 100 resided in the US — nearly doubling in two decades.

Past research has shown that genetics and immune system function plays a role in life expectancy, but experts agree that a combination of lifestyle, diet and social factor are crucial contributors to achieving the impressive feat — and have shared their 10 tips for longevity that are easier than you’d think.

Keep it moving

“If you want to increase your longevity, keep your body moving,”  Lindsay Tullis, a health coach at the South Dakota wellness company Mighty Health, told Fox News. “Even just 10 minutes of movement per day can have a major impact.”

Studies suggest mere minutes of physical activity per day can extend your life expectancy, and only 4 minutes of exercise can slash the risk of developing cancer among those who don’t hit the gym.

But American habits skew more sedentary the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that 75% of US residents don’t meet the exercise guidelines for optimal health of 150 minutes per week.

“Immobility can lead to larger health risks, but by staying active, you can delay and reduce the risk of things like arthritis, joint issues and chronic illness,” Tullis said.

Older people working out
Maintaining a fitness routine, even a minimal one, is essential for healthy living.
Studio Romantic – stock.adobe.com

Turn to your friends

Loneliness is bad for the brain — isolation has been linked to cognitive decline, and could be worse for your health than smoking.

To combat the ongoing loneliness epidemic, studies have shown that social gatherings and celebrating life milestones facilitate happiness, and, therefore, a longer life.

“Remember, the same things that help get you to 100 are the things that create happiness along the way,” Dan Buettner, author of “The Blue Zones Secrets for Living Longer: Lessons From the Healthiest Places on Earth” previously told The Post.

Blue zones” — or locations where residents live the longest on earth — are some of the happiest places on the planet and have strong social networks, a sense of purpose and prioritize physical wellbeing.

Older people dancing
Staying social is also a key to happiness, and, subsequently, life longevity.
ÚðÃâõÃâ¬Ã¸Ã½Ã° ÃâòÃâõÃâ¦Ã¾Ã²Ã° – stock.adobe.com

Get some shut eye

Getting good shut-eye is key to preserving your health.

But nearly half of Americans are sleep-deprived, which has been linked to brain aging, dementia, irritability and an increased risk of accidents.

While some research calls for quality over quantity of z’s, experts recommend getting more than 7 hours of sleep per night is optimal.

Two older people sleeping in a bed
Catching enough z’s is vital for optimal health as well.
luengo_ua – stock.adobe.com

Take your vitamins

Despite the controversy surrounding the efficacy of supplements, it’s vital to consume enough vitamins and minerals, which have “different jobs to help keep the body working properly,” according to the National Institute on Aging.

But supplements aren’t usually necessary to achieve sufficient vitamin intake — a majority of adults get enough through a balanced diet alone.

While health enthusiasts have been hunting for the ultimate elixir of youth through bio-hacking anti-aging pills, scientists at Harvard believe they’ve cracked the code with a concoction of chemicals that can, in theory, reverse aging.

Taking vitamins
While most adults get enough nutrients from their food, some may need to rely on supplements.
perfectlab – stock.adobe.com

Streamline your diet

Research has suggested that ketogenic, plant-based and Mediterranean diets have life-extending factors — and, now, intermittent fasting could also yield beneficial results, experts believe.

“These include improved metabolic function, increased insulin sensitivity, reduced levels of inflammation, activation of the MAPK pathway (a chain of cellular proteins that regulates many biological processes) and the stimulation of autophagy (a sort of cellular cleanup process),” LA-based biohacker, influencer and entrepreneur Melanie Avalon claimed to Fox News. 

One study on mice found improvements on a molecular level and indicators of reversed aging, suggesting that it could, perhaps, have the same effect on humans. However, the diet is not necessarily safe for everyone.

Intermittent fasting photo with clock on a plate
Certain diets have proven to have beneficial health effects.
ayselucar – stock.adobe.com

Watch what you eat

Certain foods come with a higher risk of health consequences. Junk food, for example, has been linked to worsened mental health and is often made with a concoction of oils and chemicals that, in excess, can wreak havoc on the body.

Chemicals in certain foods affect the body’s hormones and immune system, and ultra-processed or fried items should be limited, experts say.

Instead, people interested in anti-aging should focus on consuming a balanced diet rich in nutrients from fruits, vegetables, complex carbohydrates and proteins — although, consuming notoriously “bad” foods in moderation won’t kill you.

Elderly couple making food
Balanced diets full of complex carbs, fruits, vegetables and proteins help maintain overall health.
rh2010 – stock.adobe.com

Take cold dip

Ice baths are so cool right now, but they aren’t just a fleeting fad.

Frigid showers have been shown to boost the immune system, alleviate symptoms of depression, improve circulation and metabolism, as well as reduce pain and inflammation, according to UCLA Health.

A weak immune system leaves the body vulnerable to common viruses and infections, while chronic inflammation could have detrimental effects on the heart.

To reap the full benefits of the ice-cold rinse, experts recommend turning the shower as cool as it can go for two or three minutes.

Cold shower
Cold showers help curb inflammation and aid the immune system.
eshana_blue – stock.adobe.com

Know thy health

As of last year, over 70% of Americans have become more health-conscious post-pandemic, as self-care takes center stage.

“Consistently tracking the progress of your body and your health is important in order to have a clear idea of what it is you need to improve and/or watch for — such as hormone levels, dietary habits and blood work,” Eric Casaburi, CEO and founder of the Florida anti-aging therapy company Serotonin Centers, told Fox News.

Equipped with a complete understanding of physical health can allow patients to intervene early when they’re deficient in a certain vitamin or may have early indicators of a condition.

Person getting blood pressure taken
Staying up to date on physical health is recommended by experts.
Natee Meepian – stock.adobe.com

Stay curious

Studies have shown that curiosity declines with age, making it all the more important to maintain as you grow old.

An eagerness to learn new things, experts say, could be the key to brain longevity.

“Research suggests that adults with a continued desire to learn and explore tend to live longer than their less curious peers, even when accounting for other risk factors,” Lauren Henkin, founder and CEO of Maine wellness company The Humane Space, told Fox News.

Woman painting
Staying curious and finding a purpose or passion are also ways to extend life expectancy.
Krakenimages.com – stock.adobe.com

Find your purpose

Having a sense of live purpose could improve longevity, experts believe.

“There’s a transformative power that arises when you’re aligned with your passions, when you sense that your actions are making a positive impact on the world, or when you feel a profound sense of purpose in your life,” LA-based nutritionist and longevity wellness expert Serena Poon told Fox News.

Last year, one study found that the risk of death decreased by just more than 15% in people with a strong sense of purpose, compared to those who felt they had less purpose.

“A sense of purpose in life is the extent to which someone feels that their life has direction and has ultimate goals,” Dr. Stephanie Hooker, a Health Partners Institute research investigator in Minnesota, told Medical News Today.

“A strong sense of purpose in life will look different across different people,” she added. “Some people may want to contribute to their community, for others, it would be to be successful in their career, and for others, it may be to take care of their families.”

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