10 Best Hand Creams for Aging Hands of 2023

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As seniors age, their skin loses and can’t retain moisture as well as it used to. While this is frustrating no matter where on the body, dry skin can be most uncomfortable on high-use limbs like hands. Especially during colder months, it’s important to prevent cracking or bleeding hands and fingers, along with painful dry cuticles. Non-greasy hand cream formulas are helpful in maintaining a good grip on canes and other mobility aids, too.

With these facts in mind, here are 10 of the best hand creams for aging hands based on personal use and customer reviews.

Editor’s Note: The recommendations in this guide are based on thorough product and market research by our team of expert product reviewers. The picks are based on examining user reviews, product specifications, and, in some limited cases, our experience with the specific products named.

A tube of Augustinus Bader Hand Treatment on a colorful background

Reviewed / Augustinus Bader

Augustinus Bader Hand Treatment has a great combination of anti-aging ingredients, but you’ll have to pay a hefty price for the privilege.

A tube of Tubby Todd Mama Hand Cream on a colorful background

Reviewed / Tubby Todd

Mama Hand Cream lasts long and soothes dry skin for those who spend long periods of time soaking in water.

A tube of CeraVe Therapeutic Hand Cream on a colorful background

Reviewed / Cerve

CeraVe’s Hand Cream restores the skin’s natural barrier and is a great moisturizer. It’s also approved by the National Eczema Association.

A tube of Beauty Pie Super Retinol Anti-aging Hand Treatment on a colorful background

Reviewed / Beauty Pie

A combination of retinol, collagen, and bio-sugar help make Beauty Pie Super Retinol Anti-aging Hand Treatment an excellent choice for those hoping to remove wrinkles.

A tube of Supergoop Handscreen ona  colorful background

Reviewed / Supergoop

If you spend lots of time in the sun, Supergoop Handscreen is a no-brainer purchase for keeping hands moisturized and protected from harmful UV rays in a single package.

A jar of First Aid Beuty Ultra Repair Cream on a colorful background

Reviewed / First Aid Beauty

This First Aid Beauty cream works well on both hands and face. It’s full of natural ingredients and comes in a few different scents.

A jar of Burt's bees hand cream on a colorful background

Reviewed / Burt’s Bees

Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream absorbs fast and comes in an easy-open jar that may be helpful for those with arthritis or dexterity limitations.

What You Should Know About Hand Creams For Aging Hands

What Ingredients Should I Look for in an Anti-Aging Hand Cream?

While every cosmetic maker has its own theories about anti-aging ingredients, here are a few popular categories to consider. As you might expect, many of the products listed above have at least a few of these on their labels.

  • Vitamins: Together, vitamins A1, B3, C, and E are thought to reduce inflammation, increase collogen production, and regenerate cells. These processes can help rejuvenate your skin and make it appear younger.
  • Lactic acid and hyaluronic acid: Hyaluronic acid moisturizes and decreases wrinkles. Lactic acid helps remove dead skin cells. These two goals combine to help the skin look and feel younger than before.
  • Ceramides: In short, this is another great skin hydration agent.
  • Oils and butters: As is true for any age, shea butter, coconut oils, and other oils have been shown to be effective moisturizers too.
  • Sun protection: The sun’s rays can accelerate the aging process, so it makes sense that having even a light dose of sunscreen in your formula might be helpful for reducing long-term damage. Of course, if you’re more of an indoorsy person, the benefits here may not be as profound.

How Often Should I Apply Anti-Aging Hand Cream?

Most product packaging includes documentation about how often the product should be used, but a simple rule of thumb is that cream should be applied whenever your hands feel dry. This might mean applying a few times per day or maybe even just a few times per week if your skin feels good.

Read any included documentation to be sure, but a dose of common sense dictates how often these products should be used.

Can You Use Hand Cream on Your Face?

Unless the product is specifically described as usable for both purposes, hand cream and face cream are meant for different types of skin and shouldn’t be used as substitutes. For the most effective results, users should have separate creams for hands and face.

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