Former Korea Yakult expands into cosmetics, launches cream featuring lactic acid and triple anti-aging mix

Anti-Aging Medicine
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Anti-Aging Medicine
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Leti 7714 Triple Lift-up Up Anti-Aging Cream jar next to metal spatula and micro capsule formula bottle.
(All Image Credits: Fredit Beauty).

07 Sep 2023 — Food company Hy, previously known as Korea Yakult, has launched Leti 7714 Triple Lift-up Up Anti-Aging Cream, which features a fermented product of cultured lactic acid bacteria. This is the second cosmetic product, following the NK7714 Hyper Boosting Ampoule, produced by Hy, under Fredit Beauty.

Actress Sora Kang, who features in several popular K-dramas such as Doctor Stranger, Misaeng and Strangers Again, is spotlighted recommending Leti 7714.

Two-fold dynamic creamSouth Korean actress Sora Kang.South Korean actress Sora Kang.
A formulation containing micrometer-sized pink balls accompanies the cream that needs to be injected and mixed into it. The formulation contains more than 10,000 skin lactobacillus capsules.

The microcapsule formulation is made of natural ingredients such as nasturtium extract, moringa seed oil, and Indian mulberry extract.

The cream is described as “velvety” and contains three anti-aging ingredients: retinoid, bakuchiol and a “next-generation anti-wrinkle ingredient, with adenosine, a functional ingredient certified by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.”

The three star ingredients help to strengthen the triple helix structure of collagen to better support skin elasticity “from the inside.”

In related news, Conagen developed a natural-sourced class of sustainable retinoid-derivative ingredients through precision fermentation.

Testing on human skin
The product was tested on 18 types of human applications and showed three types of wrinkle improvement – around the mouth (9.6%), nasolabial folds (6.7%) and the eyes (10%), just after three weeks of use. 

Moreover, the cream had a cheek-lifting effect of 0.9% in the eye area. Skin elasticity increased by 7.3% and density improved by 6.6%. The skin enhanced by 32.6%, with hydration at 12.5%, skin barrier at 10%, skin hydration at 12.5% and brightness at 26.7%.

The product soothes sensitive skin damaged by UV and infrared rays. After exposing the skin to thermal infrared rays, the cream improved the skin’s radiance and calmed the redness by 212.4%. Also, there was a 149% difference between the control group and another exposed to UV radiation after two weeks of use.drop of micrometer-sized pink balls of lactic acid.The formulation contains micrometer-sized pink balls of lactic acid.

The leading cause of skin aging is photodamage, flags the brand, showing that the Skin Lactobacillus 7714 microcapsule has a 76.9 nm improvement in skin elasticity and thickness.

Fredit Beauty also recommends using a gua sha spatula around the eye area, nasolabial folds and mouth for a skin-lifting massage.

Beauty nutrition
Solabia subsidiary BioActor and Pixience, a digital dermatoscopy technology manufacturer, recently joined forces on a new skin imaging technology that tests and validates nutritional bioactives for skin health.

Luxury Swiss skin care brand specializing in cosmetic science, Cellcosmet expanded its presence to the US. The company blends ingredients, such as peptides, amino acids, postbiotics, plant extracts and oils.

Japan Bio Science Laboratories also created Biozyme, a highly effective postbiotic from an extract containing at least 40 fermented vegetables and herbs.

By Venya Patel 

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