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Findings demonstrate Americans spent over $11.8 billion on aesthetic procedures, up 2% from 2021

GARDEN GROVE, Calif., Aug. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The Aesthetic Society, the leading authority on aesthetic plastic surgery, has released its annual Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank report for 2022, highlighting significant trends in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery. The data showcases a remarkable 14% increase in total aesthetic procedures, largely attributed to the soaring popularity of nonsurgical procedures, which witnessed a 23% jump last year. In an unprecedented milestone, the 2022 data was sourced from the same 200 plastic surgery practices across the United States, providing consistent quarterly data between 2019 and 2022.

“The landscape of aesthetic plastic surgery is undergoing a transformation as revealed by The Aesthetic Society’s 2022 report”, says Melinda Haws, MD, President of The Aesthetic Society. “With nonsurgical procedures witnessing a surge and surgical procedures still accounting for 70% of revenue, the industry is moving towards a future defined by dynamic trends. This showcases our industry’s ability to embrace innovation and meet evolving patient preferences. As we journey forward, The Aesthetic Society is dedicated to supporting our patients through top-tier member education.”

“The 2022 statistics, drawn from 200 U.S. practices is a significant milestone for aesthetic data, offering consistent insights from 2019 to 2022”, explains Dr. Kye Higdon, Communications Commissioner of The Aesthetic Society. “From this data we’re able to understand the trends on the horizon for our specialty and can help shape a future for aesthetics that both drives innovation and empowers our patients.”

The report reveals an interesting trajectory for surgical procedures. After experiencing a surge in the second half of 2020 and reaching its peak in the Spring of 2021, 2021’s surgical counts surpassed pre-pandemic levels by an impressive 55%. Although 2022 saw a decline in surgical procedures compared to 2021, the numbers remained a notable 37% above the counts in 2019. This increase was largely fueled by significant gains in body procedures, with liposuction (+63%) and abdominoplasty (+55%) leading the way. Conversely, nonsurgical procedures took some time to recover from the pandemic’s impact, with significant growth observed in the Spring of 2021, possibly reaching their peak in the Spring of 2022.

Quarterly data from the report indicates that the number of procedures performed by surgeons has been well-balanced throughout the year, with the Spring season (April – June) emerging as the most popular period for cosmetic enhancements. Approximately 55% of all surgical procedures were conducted in the first half of the year, with this pattern consistent across body and breast procedures, as well as other surgical treatments.

The average plastic surgeon performed 252 surgical procedures in 2022, showing a 13% decrease from the 289 procedures conducted in 2021. However, despite this decline, surgical counts remained an impressive 27% higher than the pre-pandemic levels of 198 procedures in 2019. 2022 saw Americans spending over $11.8 billion on aesthetic procedures overall, up 2% from the previous year.

Women continued to dominate the demographic of individuals undergoing aesthetic procedures, representing 95% of all procedures. Among surgical procedures, the most popular age group was 51–70-year-olds, accounting for 36% of all surgeries. The 36-50 age group closely followed with 30%, and 17–35-year-olds accounted for 27%. Patients over the age of 70 represented 8% of all surgical procedures.

The Aesthetic Society’s latest report offers invaluable insights into the trends shaping the aesthetic industry. Despite the decline in surgical procedures, the overall growth driven by nonsurgical treatments demonstrates the industry’s adaptability and continued evolution.

You can obtain a full copy of The Aesthetic Society’s 2022 statistics here.

About The Aesthetic Society:
The Aesthetic Society is recognized as the world’s leading organization devoted entirely to aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine of the face and body. The Aesthetic Society is comprised of more than 3,000 Active members in North America and internationally; Active Members are certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery (USA) or by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada and have extensive training in the complete spectrum of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic procedures. International Active Members are certified by equivalent boards of their respective countries. All members worldwide adhere to a strict Code of Ethics and must meet stringent membership requirements. The Aesthetic Society is at the forefront of innovation in aesthetic plastic surgery and cosmetic medicine globally.

About the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery National Databank:
The 2022 Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Statistics were compiled using the Aesthetic Neural Network (ANN) data. The Aesthetic Society partnered with Ronan SolutionsTM (Phoenix, AZ) to develop ANN. ANN connects directly to participating Aesthetic Society member plastic surgeons’ practice management systems to retrieve real-time, de-identified, billing data. The data is reviewed and mapped by subject matter experts to generate a dynamic, comprehensive, longitudinal, valid, and reliable repository of procedural and billing data. ANN’s automated, real-time data access also eliminates other drawbacks associated with surveys such as low response rates, cross-sectional data, inaccurate recall, need for manual data entry and the limited number and scope of questions that can be included. For the 2022 Statistics, aggregate data from 200 participating plastic surgery practices across the U.S. that consistently provided data quarterly between 2019 and 2022 were analyzed. The procedure counts were extrapolated to estimate nationwide statistics. These statistics have a standard error of +/- 6.8% at a 95% level of confidence. To enhance the reliability of trends, all prior data have been restated to reflect the consistent sample of participants.

The Aesthetic Society
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