‘I’m 80 but look decades younger and wrinkle free thanks to my skincare secrets’

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Anti-Aging Medicine
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A fresh-faced grandmother who looks younger than her age has amazed the internet with her healthy-looking beautiful skin and has revealed some of her habits on how to look younger.

Yuri Lee is a “skinfluencer” and expert who enjoys showing people the best skincare products and beauty methods for achieving “glowing” skin.

She recently posted a video speaking with her 80-year-old grandma to ask some anti-aging tips as well as her ultimate “beautiful skin secrets” as many of Yuri’s fans were shocked by how youthful her grandma looked.

One user on social media said: “Wow I have never seen a grandmother with such healthy-looking skin!” while another person wrote: “She is so beautiful wow! I can’t believe her age.

Yuri said: “Everyone was asking my grandma’s secret so I’m going to show you guys her skincare routine.”


Yuri spoke to her grandma in Japanese and discovered that she swears by the beauty brand Manavis Cosmetics,

For her first step, Yuri’s grandmother used the Manavis toner to cleanse her skin and then used the Manavis vitamin C serum.

Her next step was emulsion, which is a Japanese skincare routine which is a water-based moisture that is easily absorbed into the skin and known to help hydrate the skin more efficiently and help combat wrinkles.

The final step in her skincare routine is to use a “wrinkle gel” moisturiser which are known to be rich in hyaluronic acids, are is a key anti-ageing ingredient as it used to get rid of wrinkles.

Yuri’s grandma then began to apply her makeup and revealed she does not wear sunscreen every day due to her foundation which Yuri joked was the “famous” La Prairie beauty brand, which is known to be expensive.

Yuri said: “She doesn’t wear sunscreen, only [her foundation] because it’s got the SPS 15.”

Eating Habits 

However, Yuri also explained that her grandma eats many of the same foods every day, which helps her skin and keeps her looking younger.

Yuri said her grandma’s diet consisted of avocado, mekabu seaweed, miso soup, kimchi and natto, which are fermented soybeans.

She added: “Lots of fermented food helps the gut health so that gives you better skin…f you mix natto and kimchi, you’ll get more probiotics and it’s better.

Both avocado and seaweed have high levels of vitamin E and vitamin A which is known to help slow sign of aging and help repair skin cells. Misco contains high levels of vitamin E.

In Yuri’s video comment section, many users rushed to thank her and her grandma for the helpful skincare advice.

One user wrote: “You guys are both so beautiful! Thank you for sharing” while another commentator said: “Your grandma has nicer skin than I do! I thought she was in her 60s or 70s at most.”

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