I’m 91 & face eviction over unpaid bills ‘due to error by my care home – they’d rather kick me out than fix the problem’

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AN elderly woman has been threatened with eviction after falling behind on bills, but her son said the retirement home is the problem.

David Stinson fears that his 91-year-old mother Iva’s life could be at risk if she’s kicked out of Brookdale Assisted Living in Durham, North Carolina.

Iva Stinson, a 91-year-old grandmother, has been threatened with eviction by her assisted living home, according to her son


Iva Stinson, a 91-year-old grandmother, has been threatened with eviction by her assisted living home, according to her sonCredit: wral
Her son David claims that Brookdale Assisted Living improperly billed their insurance so the payments weren't reimbursed


Her son David claims that Brookdale Assisted Living improperly billed their insurance so the payments weren’t reimbursedCredit: wral

The heartbroken man says that the facility wishes to evict his mom after they racked up almost $40,000 in unpaid bills.

But he claims that the money should have been covered by a long-term care policy with insurance company John Hancock.

“This has been a huge, big headache,” David told NBC affiliate WRAL.

David said he appreciates all of the care that his mom has received for the last five years and says the day-to-day workers are wonderful but feels frustrated with leadership.

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“This has been going well for about four years, but the last year it’s gotten really messed up,” he said.

The son has spent months pouring over statements and spreadsheets to track payments but said there’s been no progress.

He claims that John Hancock hasn’t honored the payments due to the improper billing cycle by Brookdale.

“They’ll go no billing, it’ll be two or three months of billing, they missed a long enough period that John Hancock assumed she either died or got better and left,” he said.

After months of mounting charges, the dedicated son said he was horrified to hear their plan for his mom, who doesn’t have much time left.

“Why instead of straightening it out… evict her?” he said.

John Hancock, an insurance company that offers retirement and investment plans, says that customers just have to submit their invoices on a monthly basis to be reimbursed.

But WRAL reportedly saw coverage for just sparse days of treatment at the facility.

David said that he’s pointed out these holes to the leadership at Brookdale and asked them to fix them, but they reportedly refused.

“I don’t understand and that’s what’s very frustrating,” he said.

With a potential eviction on the horizon, David is now fearing for his mother’s life.

“She’s on her last few months as it is, I think it would just expedite that,” the devastated man said.

David signed a waiver that allowed the facility to discuss his mother’s case, and saw a few invoices corrected soon after.

But he remains anxious over the eviction threats which have not been evicted.

A hearing on his eviction appeal with the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services was supposed to take place Wednesday, but it’s been rescheduled.

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The U.S. Sun has reached out to Brookdale Senior Living for comment.

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