Tech tycoon Bryan Johnson touts ‘penis rejuvenation therapy’

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Bryan Johnson, the 45-year-old tech bro known for his obsessive anti-aging regimen, revealed this week that he has “started penis rejuvenation therapy” as part of a $2 million-per-year effort to reverse his biological clock.

Johnson, who refers to his elaborate biohacking campaign as “Project Blueprint,” said he will be receiving “focused shockwave therapy” three times per week to see if he notices improvements in his love life. The total of six treatments will “cost $1-2K,” he added.

“Evidence: multiple randomized controlled trials showed that shockwave therapy improves erectile dysfunction,” Johnson said on X.

“We are testing whether it improves total time nighttime erections, subjective sexual performance, sexual satisfaction, and medical imaging-based penile markers,” he added.

In another post days earlier, Johnson detailed the “baseline measurements” and “goals” of his penis rejuvenation plan, including his ultimate target of achieving 3 hours and 30 minutes’ worth of nighttime erections.

Like many elements of Johnson’s anti-aging routine, the penis rejuvenation plan drew a healthy dose of skepticism from other social media users – with one quipping that “not even CIA black site torture could get this information out of me.”

Johnson, who made a fortune by selling his payment processing company Braintree Payment Solutions to eBay for $800 million in cash, has achieved viral fame over his quest to restore his organs and bodily functions to those of an 18-year-old.

Johnson recently told the “Dairy of a CEO” podcast that he experimented with starting each day with three ounces of wine for breakfast. Eventually, he nixed the bait because it was “too expensive from a calorie perspective.”

Bryan Johnson
Johnson wants to have the bodily functions and organs of a teenager.

The software developer also said he was “single” – and admitted that his extreme lifestyle is a bit of a complicating factor when it comes to romance.

“In circumstances where I’ve tried to date, the first thing I do is give them a list of 10 things, like, ‘Here’s all the things you’re going to hate about me, and [all the things that are] going to make me an impossible partner for you.’ It’s a big deal,” Johnson said. 

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson briefly used his son as a “blood boy.”

The tech mogul also raised eyebrows after revealing that he had temporarily enlisted his 17-year-old son Talmage as his personal “blood boy” for plasma treatments. He stopped because there were “no benefits detected.”

Johnson’s bizarre health regimen was first detailed in a Bloomberg report last January. At the time, Johnson said Project Blueprint had given him the heart of a 37-year-old, the skin of a 28-year-old, and the lung capacity and fitness of an 18-year-old.

Bryan Johnson
Bryan Johnson said he is receiving shockwave treatments three times per week.

Earlier this month, Johnson pushed the public to join him on his anti-aging odyssey by sharing a chart that displayed his personal health stats after two years on the so-called “Blueprint” regimen.

Johnson claimed to have more than 100 health “markers lower than chronological age” and to have “slowed pace of aging by equivalent 31 years.” He also bragged that his single-rep leg press max of eight hundred pounds is in the “top 1-2% of 18 year olds.”

Bryan Johnson
Johnson made his fortune as a software developer.

“Imagine we lusted after human improvement as we do tech advance,” Johnson said alongside the post. “Join the revolution; don’t die.”

As The Post reported In February, Johnson’s former girlfriend, Taryn Southern, filed a lawsuit accusing him of ending their relationship when he learned she was being treated for breast cancer, among other allegations.

Johnson fired back, accusing Southern of attempting to extort him by “threaten[ing] to make outlandish and salacious allegations about [him] in public forums unless he paid her exorbitant demands.”

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