Staten Island dermatologist joins with former patient to offer cutting-edge, anti-aging techniques

Anti-Aging Medicine
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Anti-Aging Medicine
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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Not often is the result of a doctor’s visit the start of a new business. But that’s what happened when Richard Ramm, 30, sought treatment for a chronic inflammatory skin condition that resulted in skin abscesses.

Dermatologist Dr. Tejas Patel, 39, was treating Ramm in his Brooklyn practice for Hidradenitis Suppurativa –which can cause lesions, nodules and abscesses of the skin — when the two bonded and became best friends. It wasn’t long before the pair, who are both passionate about preventative dermatological solutions, brainstormed about bringing a cutting-edge dermatology practice to the borough.


Reforma opened in July in South Shore Commons shopping center in Charleston. It not only offers all a full range of dermatology services, but also many cutting-edge anti-aging procedures. (Courtesy of Reforma)

“Dr. Patel and I put our heads together about our collective belief that the future of healthcare is going to be preventatively maintaining a healthy weight, healthy skin and healthy hormone [levels],” said Ramm. “We knew that something like this would do really well on Staten Island, and we want to be the ones to bring it here.”

The result is a new office called Reforma that opened in July in South Shore Commons shopping center in Charleston, which not only offers all a full range of dermatology services, but also many cutting-edge anti-aging procedures.


Reforma opened in July in South Shore Commons shopping center. It not only offers all a full range of dermatology services, but also many cutting-edge anti-aging procedures. (Courtesy of Reforma) (Courtesy of Reforma)


Patel, who still operates a Brooklyn office in addition to the new Staten Island facility, said he chose his career based on the fact that he “wanted people to feel inside as they looked outside.”

“When a lot of people — especially those with acne scars, or even just active acne, psoriasis or eczema — come in they’re feeling bad about themselves. This is just because there’s a stigma with skin diseases because people can see what’s wrong with you as opposed to something like heart disease, where they can’t,” he added.


Before and after shots of lip filler injections. (Courtesy of Reforma)

In addition, Patel was driven to pursue a career as a physician due to his own medical issues as a youngster.

“When I was younger, I had actually pretty bad eczema and eye problems. And so that was a big reason why I wanted to go into medicine to begin with. The great thing about dermatology is as the person gets better, you see them getting better. They also see themselves getting better, and it builds as a level of trust that you just can’t get in any other field of medicine,” he said.


Reforma offers multiple services that help with the anti aging process, said Ramm, who manages the office.

“We have the best aesthetics and laser technology on the market,” said Patel.

His office is equipped with cutting-edge technology, including EmSculpt and EMFace, which uses radiofrequency and high-intensity focused electromagnetic treatment to eliminate fat and build muscle. Patel also uses Scarlett RF micro needling, Agnes and IPL cosmetic techniques to perform “non-surgical face-liftss,” and TED hair restoration machines.

While Patel offers Botox and fillers, he said many of the anti-aging procedures he performs are to rejuvenate your skin without injections.

“When it comes to aesthetics, the field of dermatology is changing,” he said. “Instead of always injecting things or putting things, like chemical peels, on your face to change the way your skin looks, we’re trying to get the best out of your skin,” he said. “For example, some of the lasers that I use force your body to grow its own new collagen, instead of us doing collagen, or hyaluronic injections.”

In addition, Reforma offers IV drips, weight loss consultations and provides various treatments, such as semaglutide “that will help you lose one to two pounds per week,” said Ramm.


Patel noted that he teaches other dermatologists to perform many of his non invasive anti-aging techniques.

“I’m using science to get your skin to act like it was acting when it was 19 years old. I’m not making you look like Joan Rivers. And that applies to everything [new procedures] we bring into the office,” said Patel.


Address: 2955 Veteran’s Rd. W. Suite #2F


Instagram: @ReformaDermatology

Facebook: @Reforma Dermatology

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