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A new article in the Journal of Healthcare Leadership advocates for the integration of culinary medicine programs into health care and medical education.

Culinary medicine classes are taught by teams of physicians, chefs, and registered dietitian nutritionists. The learners are taught the basics of nutrition and the impact of diet on common chronic diseases, including cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity. Immediately after, they apply this knowledge by preparing flavorful food designed to prevent and treat these conditions.

Culinary medicine programs can be implemented as patient care interventions or experiential nutrition education for students, medical trainees, and health care professionals. By providing important nutrition knowledge and cooking skills, culinary medicine can empower patients to sustain healthy dietary patterns.

The authors emphasize that culinary medicine programs should accompany efforts to reduce food insecurity, and could be an “innovative strategy that will be key to the future of health care.”

More information:
Nathan I Wood et al, Physician-Chef-Dietitian Partnerships for Evidence-Based Dietary Approaches to Tackling Chronic Disease: The Case for Culinary Medicine in Teaching Kitchens, Journal of Healthcare Leadership (2023). DOI: 10.2147/JHL.S389429

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Yale University

Culinary medicine: Dietary approaches to chronic disease (2023, August 16)
retrieved 16 August 2023

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