Toronto and Vancouver offer first-of-its-kind Anti-Aging Treatments for Men and Women with FOY by AsandraMD

Anti-Aging Medicine
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Anti-Aging Medicine
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Dr. Shawn Seit

Dr. Charles Jiang and Team

FOY by AsandraMD battles back against symptoms of aging and gives men and women a chance at a better quality of life for years to come

TORONTO , ONTARIO, CANADA, August 3, 2023/ — Nationally-renowned Dr. Shawn Seit will lead Toronto, and Dr. Charles Jiang will lead Vancouver into the future with ground-breaking medical technology and the latest health advancements in anti-aging. They are both now providing concierge-style services that allow men and women to take back control of their bodies and minds, turn back the hand of time, and reclaim the vibrancy of their youth.

Men and women want to feel better from the inside out, and this begins with FOY by AsandraMD’s innovative, non-invasive treatment services such as pellet therapy, peptide therapy, and sexual wellness. Using a combination of treatments, FOY combats uncomfortable and problematic symptoms such as weight gain, loss of energy, loss of mental clarity, irritability, and the loss of libido that occur with the natural decrease of testosterone, estrogen, and other hormones.

Developed by the renowned anti-aging and vitality expert Christopher Asandra, M.D. of the AsandraMD clinics located in Beverly Hills and Newport Beach, his use of advancements in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy means that with FOY, men and women can get back the health of their youth and return to their lives.

Dr. Shawn Seit is one of the most nationally-recognized Canadian cosmetic doctors and is best known for getting the most natural looks with non-invasive treatments. Always on the quest for the most cutting-edge treatments, Dr. Seit will be the first doctor in Toronto to partner with FOY and offer treatments of this kind.

“What sets us apart is that we are always trying to see what’s new, what’s best in class, what we can offer to make people look amazing in a very safe way and a very natural way,” Dr. Seit said. “And we’re constantly looking, and thinking, and training, and learning different techniques and acquiring new technology to try and achieve our goals.”

Dr. Charles Jiang, named a Doctor Making a Difference” by the Doctors of BC Association, is also the Founder and Medical Director of the Midtown Medical Clinic, Richmond Anti-Aging Clinic, SkinArt MD Clinic and MMC wellness Medical Group. Dr. Jiang’s search for the most innovative, non-surgical treatments to bring back to his patients led him to FOY. He will be the first doctor in Vancouver to partner with FOY and offer treatments of this kind.

“I’m very excited to be bringing a new category of treatment options to my patients,” Dr. Jiang said. “The variety of tools and therapies will certainly provide patients with a new level of relief and freedom from the symptoms of aging.”

FOY by AsandraMD is a concierge-level anti-aging program designed to reverse the effects of aging. FOY is practiced by top medical physicians across the United States and now Canada. Treatments will help with symptoms of aging in men such as thinning hair, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, and anxiety/depression. Treatments for women assist with menopause, libido, vaginal dryness, mood swings, bone density, decreased libido, and inability to focus.

FOY Treatment includes:

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Peptide Therapy

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