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The MeTime app uses AI algorithms to analyze 30-second patient videos, providing personalized recommendations for cosmetic treatments and connecting them with local medical professionals.

Dublin, Ireland –News Direct– Prodigy Press Wire

MeTime have created a buzz in the aesthetic medical industry with its innovative platform that provides personalized assistance to patients seeking cosmetic treatments. With MeTime, patients no longer have to waste time browsing the internet for the perfect treatment or medical professional. Instead, they can simply upload a 30-second video describing or visually showing the areas they want to improve and get connected with the right medical professional instantly.

The MeTime App utilizes advanced AI algorithms that analyze the uploaded videos using image analysis and speech-to-text technology to determine the most suitable procedures for each individual patient. The app then matches the patient with the appropriate medical professionals in their area, who provide free advice and recommendations based on the patient’s specific needs.

The 30-second video upload feature is a game-changer as it eliminates the need for multiple physical consultations and assessments with different specialists. The app’s AI algorithms analyze the video to better understand the patient’s concerns, making it easier for medical professionals to assess their preferences remotely and make suggestions for the best treatments.

“The App solves two major problems that patients face when looking for cosmetic procedures. First, it simplifies the process and eliminates confusion. When searching for treatments on Google or social media, people are bombarded with information that is difficult to understand and assess. The MeTime App provides personalized recommendations based on the patient’s needs, simplifying the process and making it easier to choose the right treatment. Second, it saves time and money by allowing patients to skip the tedious process of browsing different websites and searching for medical professionals” says MeTime CEO Peter Prendergast.

Not only is the MeTime App beneficial for patients, but it is also helpful for medical practitioners. The app allows medical professionals to funnel relevant leads and avoid expensive and time consuming efforts to drive people to their website via social media or advertising. With MeTime, medical professionals can start a conversation and connect with potential patients more efficiently. Additionally, the MeTime App helps boost clinic bookings by by working in tandem with their existing scheduling system, even allowing for administrative personnel to be notified when a booking is agreed upon.

The MeTime App is committed to providing a safe, secure, and confidential platform for all users. All data and personal information are encrypted and kept confidential. Medical professionals are verified which ensures that patients get the best care and advice possible.

With the MeTime App, patients can get the personalized aesthetic treatment they desire with ease. The app’s personalized approach and advanced AI technology make it easier than ever to find the right medical professional and treatment. Furthermore, it enables healthcare providers to increase their clinic bookings by working in tandem with their existing scheduling system through the MeTime app after discussing various treatment options.

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