SA woman to face sentencing in relation to a large dog breeding facility

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There are 15 cases scheduled for court hearings in August 2023

A woman convicted on multiple charges in relation to a large dog breeding facility in SA’s southern Mallee region is due to face sentencing in the Adelaide Magistrates Court this month. In August 2021, a second defendant pleaded guilty to charges in relation to the same facility. He was fined $8,000 and ordered to reduce the number of dogs in his care.

A man from Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs is charged with one count of ill treatment of an animal in relation to a failure to provide appropriate and adequate food to his bull mastiff dog. The animal had a BCS of 1/9 but recovered after it was seized by the RSPCA and has been rehomed.

A woman from the southern suburbs is due for her first appearance in court after being charged with two counts of animal ill-treatment in regard to a failure to seek medical attention for her dog who was suffering from an untreated ear infection and skin condition, as well as one of her cats who was left in their own waste in a cat carrier.

A woman from the western suburbs of Adelaide is facing the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court on two counts of animal ill treatment in relation to four dogs in the defendant’s care. All of the dogs were found in an emaciated state with one of them recently deceased at the property, which the RSPCA will allege was due to failing to provide appropriate and adequate food for the dog. The other three dogs were rehabilitated in RSPCA’s care and able to be rehomed.

A woman from Port Pirie has two matters involving the abandonment of cats and a dog without care when she left her residence to travel on two separate occasions last year.

A woman from Adelaide’s North-Eastern suburbs is facing court after the RSPCA responded to notifications of concern from members of the public and encountered two emaciated cats who had to be rescued from an open window. Both cats have put on weight after receiving appropriate nutrition.

A couple from the state’s east are facing the Berri Magistrates Court on two counts of animal ill-treatment over the living conditions of four cats and four guinea pigs that were in their care. The animals were found by an RSPCA inspector to be living in their own urine and faeces. The 41-year-old woman is further charged with breaching an earlier order prohibiting her from owning animals due to prior offending against the Animal Welfare Act.

A woman from the North-East suburbs is due for her first appearance in Court after being charged with two counts of animal ill-treatment in regard to a failure to adequately feed a mother dog and her five puppies. The dogs were all emaciated and recovered well after receiving appropriate care after their seizure by the RSPCA.

A 43-year old woman and her two adult daughters are facing eight counts of ill-treatment of animals in relation to two dogs and six cats found living in squalid conditions inside a house in the southern suburbs. One dog was found emaciated, tethered to a bed, and suffering medical conditions requiring immediate veterinary attention. A cat in emaciated condition was found confined to a small cage, while other cats were found tethered to furniture. It is alleged that none of the animals had access to food or water. The case is due to be heard in the Christies Beach Magistrates court this month. Five of the cats have been rehomed, with the remaining two dogs and one cat in protective custody with RSPCA SA.

A 40-year-old woman from Adelaide’s north-eastern suburbs and her former partner are facing 20 charges of ill-treatment of an animal in relation to more than 60 animals, including 17 cats and a mix of rabbits, pigeons, cockatoos, lorikeets, corellas, magpies, galahs, possums, a water dragon lizard, puppies, canaries, a duck and an owl. All were allegedly being kept in unsanitary and squalid conditions. Both defendants are due to face the Elizabeth Magistrates Court this month.

A trial is scheduled to begin in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court with a female defendant charged with ill-treatment of an animal in relation to a standardbred horse that was found emaciated and suffering from a chronic and painful medical condition. The horse was euthanised on humane grounds.

A 52-year-old man from Adelaide’s northern suburbs is due to appear in the Elizabeth Magistrates Court on two charges of ill-treatment of an animal in relation to two dogs, one of which was in need of urgent veterinary treatment. The defendant is facing further ill-treatment charges in relation to two cats and a pig.

A 47-year-old man has pleaded guilty to a charge of ill-treatment of an animal in relation to the discovery of a deceased Siberian Husky dog inside a wheelie bin. He is due to face sentencing submissions in the Port Pirie Magistrates Court this month.

A woman is due to appear in the Murray Bridge Magistrates Court to face three counts of ill-treatment of an animal in relation to three horses, all found in emaciated condition on a property in the East Murray District near Mannum.

Two female defendants from a regional town north of Adelaide will face the Adelaide Magistrates Court on cruelty charges relating to a large number of dogs, cats, native animals and birds found in poor condition and being kept in squalid conditions. Most of the animals have recovered and been rehomed after the defendants surrendered them.

Under SA’s Animal Welfare Act, the maximum penalty for animal cruelty is $20,000 or two years’ imprisonment. For an aggravated cruelty offence, the maximum penalty is $50,000 or four years’ imprisonment.

RSPCA South Australia is the state’s only animal welfare charity with inspectors empowered to prosecute animal cruelty under SA’s Animal Welfare Act.

Members of the public who witness animal cruelty or neglect are urged to immediately call RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty report hotline on 1300 477 722.



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