At 58, Paulina Porizkova Shows Off ‘Imperfections’ and Grays in ‘Bare’ Selfie

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Paulina Porizkova, 58, Glows in ‘No Makeup’ SelfieTheo Wargo – Getty Images

  • Paulina Porizkova recently shared a stunning “no makeup” photo to Instagram.

  • The 58-year-old also showed off her gray hair to discuss what she “actually” looks like.

  • “It’s a kind of emotional stripping away of layers, of showing one another our true faces, our bare bones, imperfections and all,” she wrote.

Paulina Porizkova is no stranger to posting makeup-free selfies and not using filters on Instagram. Every time the 58-year-old icon posts another photo baring it all for her followers, we can’t help but applaud. And recently Porizkova posted another bare-faced, no-makeup selfie (with gray hairs on full display) to social media with a powerful message.

Just days ago the former supermodel posted the sunny snap, sans makeup while showing off her silver strands. She posted the photo to discuss what she “actually” looks like, in contrast to the “glamorous” photos she’s been sharing recently.

“Lest you think I’ve become this new glamorous creature with a permanent sunny smile and flowing hair—this is what I actually look like, in the morning, bleary-eyed, no makeup in Atlanta heat and humidity,” Porizkova wrote.

She then explained that she’s in Atlanta “for a book event” and to spend time with her new boyfriend, Jeff’s, family. “We joke about revisiting the places of childhood trauma, but it has, in fact, been very emotional at times,” she continued.

“It’s a kind of emotional stripping away of layers, of showing one another our true faces, our bare bones, imperfections and all,” Porizkova wrote. “So while I am it, this is what it looks like today.”

Like her fans, we agree that Porizkova looks absolutely stunning—with or without makeup. “Real is beautiful👏🏻 you inspire more women than you can imagine. Thankful for you🙏🏻,” one fan wrote. “What imperfections?” another asked. “Glam or no glam, you are a showstopper 😍😍😍 Also, what one has to say goes waaaaaay beyond their looks…and I love reading your posts ☺️,” another fan added.

Whether Porizkova is calling out anti-aging culture or keeping it real about “wrinkles and sags,” her fans always appreciate her honesty about aging. In fact, the star posted another photo just months ago showing off her gray hair to discuss “embracing aging.”

In the post, she discussed how the term “aging gracefully” often is code for “preserving our youth,” to which she simply said: “F*ck that. Aging is the privilege of living a long life. You can fight it or accept it. But there is a third choice. Embrace it.”

“Here’s to embracing age—for both the good and the bad, because that’s living!” she wrote.

Porizkova has made it clear that she is “not ready to be dismissed” and for that, we are all grateful!

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