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Anti-Aging Medicine
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I used to be the kind of gal who always wore a matte red lip, no matter what the circumstance. Don’t get me wrong, a long-lasting rouge is still my first choice when it comes to lipsticks, but I’m definitely a lot more experimental these days, and wear nudes, glosses, and stains—things I’d avoided in the past because of my red lip loyalty. The warm-weather season also reminds me of juicy fruits and refreshing popsicles, so I’ve been wanting to wear lip products that give me the color I crave while also keeping my lips moisturized.

Which is why I’m introducing you to the new Tata Harper Lip Crème ($42), aka 3-in-1 Hydrating Lip Treatment, which has the other lipsticks in my collection shaking in their tubes!

How it works

First of all, Tata Harper formulates and packages all of its products on its 1,200-acre farm in Vermont. Dream! Tata Harper, the eponymous brand founder, is a self-described “skin-care maximalist” and says she formulates all her products using this all-encompassing mindset. “We used the same innovative skincare technology and infused vibrant tints to create our new collection of Lip Cremes. These are formulated with 23 supercharged ingredients, including a blend of superfruit oils rich in vitamin C and E, and protective omegas to help promote cell regeneration, restore and plump lips and keep them hydrated and moisturized from day to night,” she tells Well+Good.

Harper goes on to explain how the skin around our eyes and lips is the thinnest on the body, making it more prone to visible aging than any other part of the face. The 3-in-1 blend harnesses the power of water-magnet phytosterols to draw water into the lips, and water-circulating marsh samphire to get water to where lips need it most. Finally, you have moisture-locking omegas to lock all that hydration into place.

As far as shades, the Tata Harper Lip Crème comes in five options: Blasè, a rosy nude; Risquè, a deep berry red; Juicy, a raspberry pink; Bubbly, a baby pink; and Bare, a shiny, clear shade. You’ll see what they look like below!

My honest review

I was a big fan of Tata Harper’s products (especially the Clarifying Cleanser) but it had been a long time since I had tried anything else. So, this reunion was especially sweet. Right when I opened my package of Lip Crèmes, I knew I was in for a treat. Tata Harper is known for its gorgeous, ECOCERT-certified green packaging, so I was instantly pleased. The tubes are stunning and luxurious.

As for the Lip Cremes themselves, I took one whiff of Bare and rolled my eyes in ecstasy. The scent is absolute heaven. The natural botanicals the brand uses creates a sweet, floral scent that is light but impactful.

Now to the formula. Bare, which is the clear shade, is an incredibly luxe version of a regular lip balm. I’m not sure how anyone can go back to regular ol’ balm sticks after putting this on your lips. I’m not overreacting when I say that every single color in this collection is magnificent. Because of my eternal red lip girl-ness, I first reached for Juicy, because it seemed like the most “red.” It gave me the light popsicle stain tint I crave during summer. I was also surprisingly into Blasè, the rosy nude, which tracks since I tend to go for nudes that have pink tones. I also liked the baby pink, Bubbly, but fell in love with the deep berry Risquè shade. So much, in fact, that I wore it out that same night. A major move, since I tend to still turn to my matte liquid red lipsticks for nights out.

What the Tata Harper Lip Crème shades look like


tata bubble
Photo: Marie Lodi


Photo: Marie Lodi


juicy tata harper
Photo: Marie Lodi


Photo: Marie Lodi

All in all, I can’t fully describe how obsessed I am with the Tata Harper Lip Crèmes. Everyone should try them! These are my summer lip color holy grails, no joke.

Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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