I’m 53 & an expert in getting rid of wrinkles – I reverse ageing with a 6p hack that takes seconds to do with your hands

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Anti-Aging Medicine
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A BEAUTY fan has shared the hack she uses to keep wrinkles away at 53 and it will only set you back 6p. 

If you are looking for one simple ingredient that won’t break the bank but will get the job done then this is the hack for you proving you’re prepared to put in a little elbow grease.

A 53 year old beauty fan has shared her hack to banishing fine lines and wrinkles


A 53 year old beauty fan has shared her hack to banishing fine lines and wrinklesCredit: Tiktok/@cristina.noh
Cristina uses castor oil to tackle her fine lines


Cristina uses castor oil to tackle her fine linesCredit: Tiktok/@cristina.noh

Cristina who is 53 has shared her top tips for getting rid of her wrinkles with a one key ingredient. 

The mum says she uses castor oil daily as part of her anti wrinkle routine. 

But Cristina says there are actually four main benefits she has found from using the oil. 

She shared her list in a TikTok video online. 

She said: “Four ways the Castor oil has worked for me.”

“Number one, I put it on my eyes and on my neck at night just to give a little bit of help relative to my anti aging routine.”

Cristina says she follows a massaging routine which includes using the castor oil. 

The beauty fan said: “And what I do is I basically just take two fingers and I basically put the Castor oil on my two fingers and I rub it all over my eye and I actually make sure it gets in my eye.

“So I have almost like a little film when I open my eyes and so I get that and then I actually put it across my neck and just take care of some of these lines here.”

Since she started using castor oil Cristina says she has seen a huge improvement in the appearance of her wrinkles. 


She said: “So I think it really is helping to really accelerate my anti aging routine.”

Christina says the castor oil has helped her colleague with his dermatitis and has helped calm her arthritis. 

She also said the castor has helped with her lymphatic drainage. 

She said: “And number four, before I do my gua Sha and my face rolling, I’ll actually use it to, like, open up my lymph nodes and I’ll just give it a little bit of a massage there.”

“I really feel like that’s really helped just kind of open everything up and really help that drainage.”

The beauty fan’s video racked up over 426,000 views online.

One user said: ”Love your honesty. Thank you!”

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Another said: “It worked on my dark spots on my face.”

“Holy Smoke. I have used the castor on my neck and eyes for 3 weeks The difference is night and day ! I am sold on Castor for life,” claimed a third. 

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