My grandma had the most beautiful skin and had a chilly trick – it reduces aging and acne, I add my own twist to it

Anti-Aging Medicine
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Anti-Aging Medicine
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AN actor has shared her cool skincare hack, which she claims reduces aging and acne.

She learned the trick from her grandmother, but she added her own fruity twist.

TikTok user Simmie shared her skincare beauty hack


TikTok user Simmie shared her skincare beauty hackCredit: TikTok/simmie.kaur
She added her own fruity twist


She added her own fruity twistCredit: TikTok/simmie.kaur

Simmie Kaur (@simmie.kaur) swore by her grandma’s secret skin weapon for anti-aging.

“I jumped on the bloody trend and I’m going to tell you if it’s worth it,” she said in her post.

“My grandma’s secret to anti-aging her skin,” she said, gushing that her grandmother had “the most beautiful skin.”

There were no expensive cleansers for her, said Simmie, because “the only thing she ever used was cold water.”

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Simmie’s hack involves an ice roller, and she is fully convinced it worked.

“The benefits of this are amazing. It’s really good for deep puffing of the skin, especially if you get puffy skin in the morning,” she said bounding with enthusiasm.

But there was even more: “It reduces oiliness, and even eases ance if you suffer from acne as I do.

“It gives your skin a lovely healthy glow and it reduces aging.”

But she gave grandma’s hack her own fruity twist.

“I like to put strawberries in mine and the reason why that is is because strawberries have vitamin C and that’s anti-inflammatory which is really good for acne.”

Put anything in it, within reason, she said: “You have to be careful with it, but put some fruits in it, put some veggies if you really want to. Let’s start a snow face.”

Commenters vouched for her beauty hack.

“I was literally staring at it thinking yum the whole time,” remarked one viewer.

“This is perfect for depuffing. Omg. How amazing,” said another person.

One more wrote: “Freezing cold water on your face after a shower and after washing your face in the evening closes pores, does the trick.”

This lady was a long-time advocate of this skincare regimen: “I’ve been doing it for years makes your skin tighter.”

Commenters could vouch for the effectiveness of her beauty hack


Commenters could vouch for the effectiveness of her beauty hackCredit: TikTok/simmie.kaur

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