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Taurine first garnered attention in companion animals such as cats and dogs, whose endogenous taurine production is very low or absent, explains corresponding author of the study Vijay Yadav. “With the surge in affluence in the 1950s, pets in developed countries were increasingly subjected to a captive feeding regimen and introduction of packages of ‘total nutrition’ in highly palatable forms by the pet food industry”, says Yadav. “This trend was associated with a growing incidence of diseases such as obesity and diabetes mellitus, particularly in cats and dogs. What caught peoples’ attention was when they started witnessing the horrendous sight of their cats banging into walls as they were unable to see. The public, mostly the affluent subset, came together and provided the impetus to identify why their cats were visibly growth-retarded and blind. In a seminal study published in Science in 1975, Hayes, Carey and Schmidt showed that retinal degeneration in cats is caused by the lack in the processed diets of a single molecule, taurine”.

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