“Shaking My Fuc**ng Head”: After Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Heartbreaking Confession, His 29-Year-Old Son Faces the First Blow of Unavoidable Truth

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Months after bodybuilder turned Hollywood star Arnold Schwarzenegger opened up about his struggle with aging, his eldest son, Patrick, has a similar confession to make. Despite their 46-year age difference, the two stars seem to have the same concern: aging. While the former athlete had heartwrenching revelations on the matter, his young son seemed worried about a mere thing signifying the dawn of aging.


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A recent post on Twitter by Patrick Schwarzenegger revealed his recent encounter with a sign of senescence. He was annoyed to find white hair on his chest. Thus, he publicly let out his feelings with a strong expression.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Patrick are uneasy over the same concern


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Previously shedding light on his struggle with aging, 75-year-old Arnie shared that he feels utterly disappointed with the current state of his physique. His iconic frame is wrinkled, and his stomach sticks out. He just can’t stand to look at himself in the mirror. “It’s terrible!” the former athlete said of his physique. 

Whereas his eldest son, who is on the verge of entering his 30s, was bothered to find a single white hair on his chest. He wrote in the Twitter post, “I found a white chest hair.” Hinting at his feelings on the issue, the 29-year-old star chipped in with “Smfh,” a slang term in the modern generation. It is an abbreviation for “Shaking my f*****g head,” which implies a state of shock or disagreement.

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There is a massive contrast between the father’s and son’s ages, yet they suffer from the same worry about aging. While the intensity of Arnie’s consequences is worth being concerned about, Patrick’s encounter simply marks the beginning of the phase. Yet none can seem to escape from the reality of it as they face an avoidable truth of life. However, despite Arnie’s battle, he is determined not to let go of his youth so easily.

Arnold Schwarzenegger reveals a peculiar anti-aging secret

Speaking of aging, it is undeniable that the Austrian Oak is striving to hold back on what was once regarded as one of the best physiques in the sport. However, Arnie doesn’t intend to fight it but simply treasures what he can for the years to come. In a recent edition of his newsletter Arnold’s Pump Club, the former athlete disclosed a staggering piece of advice disguised as an untold anti-aging secret.


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“A little bit of sweat might be the skincare solution you didn’t realize you needed,” he wrote. A study also supported his revelation, as it claimed that regular weight training and aerobic workouts improve skin quality. The benefits were elucidated as “better skin elasticity, dermal structure, and skin tone.” Well, there’s no doubt that this is one of the reasons why the Austrian Oak has not stopped training to date. Moreover, he also explained that it also defends the skin against the natural aging of the skin cells.

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How do you think Patrick Schwarzenegger would react by the time he attains his father’s age? Tell us in the comments.

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