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Photo-Illustration: The Strategist; Photo: Getty Images

If you’re like us, you’ve probably wondered what famous people add to their carts. Not the JAR brooch and Louis XV chair but the hair spray and the electric toothbrush. We asked actress and comedian Abby Elliott — who co-stars in Hulu’s The Bear, which premieres its second season tomorrow — about her peppery tequila alternative, formula “margarita machine” that helped her through her first pregnancy, and ultramoisturizing cleansing balm.

The Bear’s wonderful makeup artist Ignacia Soto-Aguilar used this on me last season. It completely alleviates any puffiness in my face using its sound-wave technology. It feels heavy-duty, like one of those things you’d get from Sharper Image in the ’90s, but it is a game changer. I tried other skin-care tools, but they didn’t give me that same feeling, so I ended up investing in one myself. It hasn’t disappointed me. It depuffs, and it helps with my sinuses, too. It’s just relaxing and luxurious.

This was also introduced to me by Ignacia while on The Bear. I was wearing false lashes a lot while filming, and this completely took off the glue and the rest of my makeup while being very moisturizing. If I’m feeling super tired, I’ll skip my 20-step skin-care routine. I just use this, don’t put anything else on my face, go right to bed, and I feel like I’ve done enough.

I’m 36 weeks pregnant right now, and I discovered these gummies during this pregnancy. I was looking for something that would help me sleep and saw these on Amazon. (My daughter’s vitamins are from the same company, so I was like, I’ll try them.) I was drinking a fizzy powder magnesium before, but these do the trick and are much easier. And they taste great. I just pop two of them and I’m able to sleep. I’m all about sleep these days before the baby comes.

This goes hand in hand with the magnesium. It’s been a good replacement for red wine at the end of the day. It looks the same if I pour it in a wineglass, and it’s pretty tart. Because it naturally has melatonin in it, it helps with sleep, too. It’s something I’ve picked up during pregnancy, but it definitely relaxes me. I have to remember to go back to it even when I’m not pregnant.

This thing is great. I had a period where I was wearing another eye mask that was too tight and got ocular headaches from it. This one’s really comfortable, adjustable, and blocks out all light. I’ve been going to bed super early these days, like around 8 p.m., and my husband likes to read or watch TV. Between this, the cherry juice, and magnesium, I can sleep through anything.

These are the best jeans. They are so comfortable and flattering. They have a vintage look and feel, but they’re really well made. My favorite’s the traditional denim pair, but I have them in ivory as well. They’re designed by a woman in Maine, who my mom follows on Instagram. My mom initially sent me her page because she likes the name Rudy and I was pregnant with my daughter at the time. I was like, I like that name too, but I don’t want to copy a woman you follow on Instagram. So basically my mom introduced me to her and I’ve become obsessed with her jeans and lifestyle.

This stuff also came to me during the pregnancy. I was staying at my girlfriend’s apartment in New York over the holidays, and she had it in her bar. I tried it with some Spindrift and was hooked. I’ve been craving margaritas, especially now that I’m close to the finish line. I can just taste it, but this is a nice peppery alternative to actual liquor. It has that smokiness, and I usually add lime juice, agave, oranges, and some ice. It tastes very similar to a margarita. Drinking one with enchiladas is very satisfying.

I use this stuff on everything: eggs, cottage cheese, any fish. It’s better than Tabasco or Cholula because it has a thicker consistency and more depth of flavor. I would say it’s way smokier, less bitter, but you still get that heat when you sprinkle it over food. I’m really looking forward to this when I’m not pregnant. I’ve been craving spicy, but I just can’t have it right now because my heartburn is insane.

I’m a part of this parent purge group on Facebook. It’s a lot of asking for advice on baby gear and selling and buying old gear. Someone had this up, and I bought it just to try. There has not been a perfect stroller until this one. Everything was too low or uncomfortable, and this is the best. It’s so lightweight and turns smoothly, so it’s been so easy to navigate through the streets. I brought it to Chicago when we were shooting this last season, and it was so easy to check in at the gate. My daughter likes it too because she’s 2 and a half now and doesn’t want to be leaned back. This has an option of sitting her upright, so she can see everything.

This really saved me after my first pregnancy when I was struggling to breastfeed with my daughter. It was difficult because she wouldn’t latch onto one of my breasts. So I was pumping, trying to feed her, and then also giving her formula. I got this, and it’s like a formula margarita machine. You just punch in how many ounces you want, and it makes formula at the perfect temperature pretty immediately. It’s faster than our Nespresso.

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