Paulina Porizkova, 58, Gets Real About Cosmetic Procedures for ‘Wrinkles and Sags’

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Paulina Porizkova Discusses Cosmetic ProceduresMichael Loccisano – Getty Images

  • Paulina Porizkova just gave fans an inside look at the “anti-aging” cosmetic procedure she uses in an Instagram video.

  • The 58-year-old opened up about “wrinkles and sags” and the cosmetic treatments she’s had.

  • The supermodel demonstrated the benefits of Morpheus 8 RF micro-needling and lasers.

Paulina Porizkova is all about embracing aging—she routinely calls out anti-aging culture and is adamant that older women don’t need “fixing.” Now, the 58-year-old is getting candid about “wrinkles and sags” and cosmetic procedures, including the treatments she’s tried in the past, the ones she’s doing today, and the ones she’s never done.

Porizkova recently dropped a behind-the-scenes Instagram video from her dermatologist’s office offering fans an inside look at one of her go-to treatments. The video reveals the “Morepheus laser” (a type of radio frequency micro-needling) “in action.”

The treatment began with numbing cream on her face before her doctor used the pen-like tool in stamping motions all over her face and neck. The dermatologist followed up the micro-needling treatment with a type of laser, which Porizkova admitted “looks terrifying” due to the protective lenses in her eyes but said it “didn’t hurt at all.”

At the end of the video, Porizkova revealed “the result an hour later,” which she explained “looks and feels like a sunburn.” Despite her rosy complexion, there’s no denying Porizkova’s post-procedure, makeup-free glow.

And because Porizkova always keeps it real with her fans, she explained the treatments in-depth and opened up about her thoughts on cosmetic procedures as a whole.

“Getting ready for a big PR blowout complete with interviews, TV, magazine shoots, and red carpet,” the star captioned the post. She explained that this is why she decided to try out the Morpheus 8 treatment. The treatment (which she called “not all that bad” in terms of pain) “stimulates your body’s natural ability to tighten, lift, and smooth away the texture. It remodels the skin and creates more collagen and elasticity,” she explained. Porizkova added that she also used a “chrome laser for an extra step for anti-aging eyes, [and] a nano fractionated Erbium laser to boost the overall rejuvenation result!”

While Porizkova admits that these treatments, which “promise an increase of natural collagen” have “always intrigue[d]” her, she made a “personal choice” to never have “Botox or fillers” injected into her face. “I feel the mobility of my face is one of my assets which allows me to communicate more effectively,” she explained.

“But I am also constantly torn between wanting to embrace my age fully, without shame, wearing my wrinkles and sags with pride, and then just—vanity. Wanting to still be pretty. Attractive. Certainly, it helps that the man I love thinks I’m the bee’s knees,” Porizkova continued in the caption.

“In my head, I think if I wasn’t in the public eye, I’d feel really damn good about myself at this point. But the constant scrutiny of my looks makes me, at times, insecure. Especially when I model—which is still mostly my only source of income,” she explained. “So, for me, using the new technology of lasers is a split between accepting my age and still doing something to make myself feel better.”

“I could do all this in secret and tell you my beauty tips are clean living. But the truth is: when someone looks good for their age (a phrase I loathe) there is usually more than clean living to it. And I want THEIR secrets! So, I’m giving you mine,” Porizkova concluded.

Fans were glad to witness Porizkova’s honesty about cosmetic procedures and aging, and offered up their support in the comments. “Paulina thank you so much for everything you share! How each of us handles aging is very personal,” one fan wrote. I’m so grateful for you—you help with my gratitude for the 58 years I’ve earned/survived♥️”

Another added, “It is inspiring and affirming to see that even you—you!—struggle with insecurity and ambivalence about aging and beauty and acceptance. It feels like progress all around.”

We’re inclined to agree with her followers on this one. And we can’t wait to see what she shares with us next!

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