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Anti-Aging Medicine
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One of my simple pleasures in life is discovering new skincare products that work well and add a positive touch to my daily routine. Whether it has an enjoyable scent that brightens my mood or the formula feels luxurious on my skin, I have one goal — I want my skin to feel pampered.

A skincare product that genuinely uplifts my spirit is a facial mist. There’s something calming and refreshing about spritzing a fine, barely-there mist with a breath of delicious scent that feels incredible, especially in the spring and summer when temperatures are hotter, and the sun is stronger or after a long flight to pep me up before day one of a trip. It’s also a skincare product that I have the excuse to use more than once throughout the day (which I love) since it adds hydration back to the skin and refreshes my makeup. That’s why I was so excited to test out the Organic Rose Phyto3 Facial Mist by Peak Scents.

Peak Scents

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This lightweight rose facial mist by Peak Scents —  a woman-owned skincare company by DeeAnn Tracy, who’s a second-generation herbalist with a brand mission to formulate healthy and sustainable skincare — has so many uses besides refreshing the face. Now, travelers are even getting creative and using it to refresh their clothing on the go, too. But personally, I enjoy adding it to my skincare routine after cleansing and before serums and moisturizers. Still, my favorite use has to be as a makeup primer and setting spray. 

The formula features rosehip seed, which boosts collagen production, vitamin C, which brightens skin and reduces wrinkles, and organic cucumber extract and aloe juice, both of which are soothing and calming. As someone who deals with rosacea and super dry skin, this mist is a great addition to my daily beauty routine. After several weeks of use, I noticed my complexion looked brighter and felt bouncier. And while I have extremely dry skin, I do also have some oilier patches that appear in the hotter months around my T-zone, and this subdued the shine. 

In addition to utilizing the product as a face mist, shoppers have also found alternative uses. One shopper started using it as a full-body mist instead of strictly on the face. They admitted to enjoying it during “sandal weather” and using it on their feet since it “keeps [them] soft” and feels “rejuvenating.” They added that “[their] heels have never looked better.” Another person got innovative and discovered it works well on clothes “to get rid of static cling” while also adding a “nice sweet scent.” This face mist may just be the travel hack to bring on my next trip to give my worn clothes a gentle scent refresh so I can wear them more than once. 

To grab your own bottle of the Organic Rose Phyto3 Facial Mist, head over to Peak Scents and keep scrolling for other products to refresh your skincare lineup from the Organic Rose Phyto3 collection

Peak Scents

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Peak Scents

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Peak Scents

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Peak Scents

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