I’m 60 but people constantly tell me I look decades younger – my secrets to aging (very) gracefully… and it’s NOT Botox

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Anti-Aging Medicine
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PEOPLE are begging for a 60-year-old women’s anti-aging secrets, after claiming she looks at least 20 years younger than she is. 

With beauty fans constantly pointing out a new flaw we need to fix, it’s no wonder we’ve become obsessed with trying out every aging antidote on the market. 

Clarissa, who is regularly mistaken for being 20 years younger than she is, took to TikTok to share her secrets to staying young


Clarissa, who is regularly mistaken for being 20 years younger than she is, took to TikTok to share her secrets to staying youngCredit: Tiktok/@clarissadanehughes

And while some of us are on the hunt for a non-invasive form of Botox, one woman has claimed that looking young has nothing to do with what you put on your face. 

Clarissa Dane Hughes, known online as @clarissadanehughes, is regularly praised by TikTokkers for not looking her age. 

She claims that the key to looking young is avoiding the sun and booze – but more importantly, having a young, and sometimes immature, mindset. 

In a new reel, Clarissa is seen replying to another TikTokker’s comment that reads, ‘yes you look 40 or less, some men’s are trying to make u insecure in the comment, don’t mind about it’. 

She said: “I know. I really don’t, and that’s okay.

“But I appreciate the nice comments so much, and I want to highlight those the most.”

The candid video of her attracted plenty of attention online, gaining more than 1,600 likes. 

In the comments, TikTokkers shared their reactions, with one writing: “You are gorgeous and look in your forties.”

“If you told me you were 40 i wouldnt question it AT ALL. genuinely youre so gorgeous,” commented another. 

A third added: “I think it’s the thick hair and good bone structure that makes you look younger.”

When questioned on her anti-aging secrets, Clarissa suggested it had nothing to do with what she put on her face, but rather her attitude. 

She suggested: “Having kids later in life, immaturity, total defiance, and a whole lot of prayer.”

In another video, she shares a few more tips – and emphasises some key health-conscious choices that may have helped too. 

She said: “I have not put my face in the sun for the last 20 years, I wish I never had.

“And I quit drinking 33 years ago, so that helped too. 

“I quit smoking when I was 25. 

“I try to live healthy, I try to work out, but I’m immature. Immaturity helps.”

In the comments, other women agreed that mindset plays an important role, with one writing: “Our outlook on things has SO much to do with how we age. 

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“I hope to look as good as you at 60. Unbelievable,” commented another. 

A third put: “47 here! worried about getting older but you give me hope.”

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